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Learn How SAP BusinessObjects Migration Time can be Reduced by 80% - and Best Practices to Prepare

If you have migrated SAP BusinessObjects in the past you are well aware that it is a challenging adventure. But it is also an opportunity to improve your environment. In this webinar we will introduce our approach to migrating your SAP BI platform using GB&Smiths' suite of time-saving & cost-cutting tools.

Check out our 10 step plan that will help you:

  • Safely migrate your content
  • Determine how many active users you have
  • Determine what content (reports, universes, …) is actually used (and should be migrated)
  • Compare the original content to the migrated content
  • Reduce the stress of a migration!

By the end of this webinar you will have in hand a game-plan for tackling the time-consuming and stress-inducing process of migrations.