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Leveraging 360 Suite to Better Manage and Migrate SAP BI Environments

When it comes to administering an SAP BI environment, 360Suite gives you peace of mind. SAP BI administration is challenging, especially for companies with a large number of end users. Keeping up with the demand of day-to-day administration can quickly become overwhelming and demand more resources. If you are an SAP BI/BOBJ platform administrator, 360Suite is the perfect tool for you! If your organization is getting ready for a BOBJ upgrade, don't do it without the 360 Suite. It will make the migration go smoother, by allowing you to easily compare migrated system to the original system.

In this webinar we will explore some of the top features of the 360Suite Platform including the security matrix, recycle bins and content promotion. 

We will also discuss how Admins can now more efficiently manage migrations by: 

-Administering security 

-Conducting regression testing 

-Promoting content safely between your Development, Test and Production Environments

Admins can now more efficiently manage their own environment using 360Suite, an affordable and easy-to-use enhancement tool for SAP BI/BOBJ. Interested in learning more?