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My Intelligent Robot Friend: SAP Analytics Cloud

For most people, meaningful analysis of data is limited to slicing and dicing or drilling through with BI tools or Excel spreadsheets. This kind of works and the cleverer the analyst is, the more insight that might be gained. Regardless, it's difficult and cumbersome. More time is spent wrangling the data than analyzing the data and unless you love math or have a degree in statistics or data science you are just scratching the insight-surface.

Jose Hernandez, Director of Analytics is cranking up your data insight ability to the next level by introducing you to his intelligent robot friend – SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud goes well beyond most BI tools by including machine learning powered features to provide deeper insight.

In this webinar, he will introduce you to SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Smart Insights
  • Smart Discovery
  • Search to Insight

Ok, it's not really a robot, but it does make you feel like you have a data robot.