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Nonprofit Resource Site Re-Design on Liferay DXP

Why a Nonprofit Institute chose Liferay to launch its new site on Liferay DXP

Solution: Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Automation

Industry: Healthcare & Medical, Non-Profit

Project: Why a Nonprofit Institute chose Liferay to launch its new site on Liferay DXP
Client: Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Nonprofit Institute Dedicated to Providing Resources for Older Adults and Caregivers launches new site on Liferay DXP

Challenge: Site Re-Design Needed to Improve User Experience

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging (Ben Rose) is a nationally recognized Cleveland-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance support for older adults and caregivers.  This work is accomplished by deepening the understanding of their evolving needs in a changing society. Ben Rose promotes effective public policies, develops and delivers innovative, high-quality solutions, including evidence-based programs that are tested and proven by research to achieve beneficial outcomes for consumers. 

Ben Rose leverages its website as a place where people could find the latest resources, news and information as well learn about local events and make donations.  The site however was dated in its design, it was difficult to navigate and it was not mobile responsive.  It was also a static HTML site which made it difficult for Ben Rose employees to change content and make updates. These issues led the institute to decide it needed a new site – and new web DXP platform.

Solution: Dunn Solutions Team Implements Site Re-Design on Liferay DXP Platform

After a careful review process was conducted, Dunn Solutions was chosen by Ben Rose to re-design its site.  To do this, the site would be re-built from scratch on Liferay's DXP platform to meet the institute's goals and objectives.  Dunn Solutions worked closely with Ben Rose's team to develop a new design with a simplified navigation and content layout that was organized to address each of its audiences.  A new resource library section was built with search and filtering capabilities so that articles and research could be found more easily.

Result: New Site Yields Improved User Experience

With the launch of the new site (, Ben Rose is able to present a modern, mobile responsive site that offers its users an easy to use navigation and search and a new online resource library with full filtering capabilities.  The new content layout makes it easy for users to find out how to donate, volunteer and host events.  These enhancements will improve the site's overall experience and engagement with its users. 

Liferay's full featured content management system makes the site much easier to manage and makes it possible for content changes to be done by the marketing team – with no assistance from IT.  Additional work is being by Dunn Solutions to strengthen the site's SEO, so that more people find the site when searching and ultimately benefit from the work Ben Rose is doing for older adults and caregivers.