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On-the-Fly Data Integration: New SAP BOBJ 4.0 Tool Delivers Easy Multiple Data Source Reporting

The universe has become more powerful with the Information Design Tool (IDT), the new semantic layer environment in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. The tool reduces the amount of work needed for reporting across systems, effectively minimizing the need for ETL. View our presentation to learn the advantages this new tool presents, including how business users can now more easily build reports that draw data from multiple sources.

Our one-hour presentation explores some of the important features of the Information Design Tool including:

  • Multi-Source Universes: A new feature that will let designers create a data foundation (metadata) based upon multiple relational data sources
  • Query Panel: A new feature to build and test the queries that the end users can use to create reports
  • Member Selector: A new feature to select members of OLAP universe hierarchies


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