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COVID-19 Employee Tracing System

How to Bring an Employee COVID-19 Tracing Process Online

Solution: Analytics, Dashboards and Reports, Business Intelligence

Project: How to Bring an Employee COVID-19 Tracing Process Online
Client: State Agency

The client operates & maintains the regional sewers and wastewater treatment for the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul region.  To ensure the safety of its employees and the community at-large during the COVID-19 pandemic, the client created an internal process to track and trace potential employee exposure to the virus to limit potential spread.

Challenge: COVID-19 employee tracing process requires automation to improve reporting and responsiveness

The client initially developed a COVID-19 process that involved each manager to fill out a paper form when someone on their team notified them of a potential virus infection or exposure through contact.  That information was then inputted into an excel file and uploaded to their database for tracking and reporting purposes. The challenge within this process was that the data collection effort was slow and inefficient. Without rapid data capture in place, managers and employees across the organization did not get the information they needed to quickly ensure that any potential spread of the virus was mitigated.

Solution: Dunn Solutions brings COVID-19 data collection process online with Liferay

To improve its COVID-19 tracing process, Dunn Solutions was selected based on its long-standing relationship with the client and its extensive experience building digital solutions on it's Liferay platform.  Dunn Solutions built a COVID-19 employee form online using Liferay that would be filled out by MCES managers when an employee notified them of potential virus infection or exposure.  That data would then automatically be saved to the client's database and enable managers to produce reports rapidly with the latest COVID-19 employee information.  Permission settings were also set up for managers to only see forms submitted in their department to maintain the privacy and security of employee health information.

Result: Continuing to Improve Contact Tracing System with Future E-Mail Notifications

By bringing client's COVID-19 forms online, the data collection and contact tracing process became streamlined with rapid reporting. This allowed its managers to make more informed decisions and mitigate any potential risk for virus transmission.

In the future, the client plans to automate email notifications that are connected to the COVID-19 form submissions in order to improve its contact tracing system between managers in the organization.