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Powerful and Affordable Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics Solution

Is there a Business Intelligence initiative for your company in 2014? If so, we'd love to introduce you to an affordable (very!), robust and easy-to-use enterprise BI platform — a true best-in-breed Business Intelligence solution designed for midsize companies.

The SAP BI Suite Edge Edition features a powerful toolset that delivers to the range of your information consumers - from Executives- to Line of Business Managers - to Data Analysts.

With the SAP BI Suite Edge Edition, you get the same business insights as the big guys at an attractive price point:

  • User-friendly self-service desktop analytics
  • Dynamic dashboards and analytic storyboards for navigating through layers of information
  • Extensive reporting options with secure sharing capabilities
  • High performance mobile capabilities for iPhone, iPad and Android

If you're in the market for a BI solution, view this webinar for a tour of the SAP BI Edge Suite. It has something for everyone: Executives, Business Managers, Analysts and IT.


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