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Retailer Migrates its Marketing Automation to Emarsys to Drive Engagement and Sales

Retailer Migrates its Marketing Automation to Emarsys to Drive Engagement and Sales

Project: Retailer Migrates its Marketing Automation to Emarsys to Drive Engagement and Sales
Client: Major Toy Brand

Our client is a major toy manufacturer founded in 1986, they design, develop, and sell products exclusively to specialty markets worldwide. The client was using Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud for their ecommerce and marketing automation. Dunn Solutions was brought in to help optimize their processes with Salesforce Commerce and Marketing Cloud. Although they were successful, they noticed that the company was not utilizing all of the components and features of the marketing automation tool.

Challenge: Marketing Struggled with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Complexity and Cost

The platform was complex and difficult to use for their marketing team, and the pricing strategy made some of the more advanced features cost prohibitive. They expressed interest in finding an alternative solution that would better create new customers, retain customers, drive purchases, and be more cost-effective.

Solution: Dunn Solutions Implements Migration to Emarsys Platform

Dunn Solutions suggested the Emarsys platform. The Emarsys platform comes with several artificial intelligence components to better target messaging and drive more sales. Additionally, Emarsys has over 70 preconfigured strategies that allowed their internal marketing team to quickly take advantage of the platform's power.

The product was integrated directly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and was able to capture page views, orders, category views, and more. The immersive product not only created recommendations and offers in emails but through an Omni-channel edition, it could also drive offers on the website itself as well as on SMS and social media.

Result: New Platform Boosts Digital Engagement and Sales at a More Cost-Effective Rate

Today the toy company’s marketing team is using the Emarsys advanced digital engagement platform to drive more business at a more cost-effective rate. They can take advantage of the full features and power of the platform because of Emarsys' easy-to-use, marketer-friendly interface and suggestions. The platform provided a significant amount of analytics through dashboards and reports, helping the Ty team do a better job of targeting and segmenting their customers to gain more business.

By leveraging the out-of-the-box marketing strategies and AI components, the toy company was able to create new customers, retain existing ones, and drive more purchases while keeping costs under control.


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