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Customer-Centric Targeting

The retail world is rapidly changing and companies are under pressure to translate an enormous volume of data into customer-centric strategies for increased sales and more loyal customers. The data is easy to access but difficult for most marketers and advertisers to effectively combine, analyze and leverage.

Using predictive, or advanced analytics, companies learn through data, their customers' preferences and can then personalize offerings and maximize customer engagement. Advanced analytics delivers rich opportunities to do better than a "one-size-fits-all" marketing approach. And, it's what customers now expect.

Advanced analytics uses historical and current data sets to predict future outcomes. These data sets might include: customer transactions, website metrics, prices, consumer research and external data such as competitive data, trade publications, and social media ratings.

View our webinar to learn how applying advanced analytics can help with attracting and retaining customers, and increasing profits. We'll focus on these areas:

  • Retail and CPG partnership offerings
  • Category management and business solutions
  • Customer-centric marketing mix and offers
  • Dynamic time-series pricing modeling
  • Research and modeling grid for retail
  • Using advanced analytics- case studies


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