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Solving Common B2B e-Commerce SEO Challenges

The biggest problem and biggest opportunity your business has today is that B2B buyers expect you to make shopping easy for them, they expect a B2B shopping experience as accessible as their B2C shopping experiences are. B2B brands have to rise to that challenge by delivering search optimized shopping journeys that match those the B2C space offers. That isn't bad news. B2B organizations typically know more about their consumers than B2C concerns, which means it's easier for them to a) infer intent from search phrases or on page behavior and b) deliver the relevant content higher search rankings are increasingly dependent on.

Higher rankings in the B2B market space can actually be achieved using certain B2C SEO tactics. In fact, there are at least three commonly overlooked tactics that if correctly deployed can elevate your search results. Not surprisingly, each of these factors is rooted in B2C marketing tactics but customized for a B2B audience.

Nail B2B e-Commerce SEO with…

  • Digital Asset Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Rich Snippets and Structured Markup

During this webinar we'll introduce you to the applicability of SEO to B2B e-commerce concerns and demonstrate how by incorporate the above tactics into your marketing plan you can surpass even your strongest competitors.


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