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Fast-Tracked Project Delivers Sophisticated Online Learning Tool

Custom Education Application

Industry: Education

Project: Custom Education Application
Client: Themis Bar Review

Themis Bar Review™, a new online, interactive bar review course, launched in early 2009. Going far beyond the traditional approach to bar exam preparation, the sophisticated application allows students to access their customized course anytime and anywhere. More specifically, Themis Bar Review offers on-demand lectures, diagnostic quizzes, comprehensive outlines, practice Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and essay questions, and milestone exams. What's more, the course tracks the learner's individual progress, offers direct comparisons to other students, and adjusts their daily study schedule based on work completed, work not completed and time until the exam.


The complex application was designed and developed by Dunn Solutions Group on an aggressive, fast-track schedule. Among other advanced web technologies, the developers made extensive use of Ajax to deliver a better user experience, and Borland Silk Performer to ensure a high-level of reliability and performance.


Looking under the covers, the Themis Bar Review application actually consists of two applications: an administrative/authoring tool that allows the company to quickly and easily build online course materials, and the online learner application.

The administration/authoring tool offers Themis staff the ability to create video lectures, practice tests, homework assignments, course outlines and handouts, plus a variety of administrative and user reports.


The learner application accommodates two styles of learning: Directed Study and Flex Study. Directed Study divides up the lectures, coursework and tasks, and creates a to-do list for each day, adjusting to match the each student's progress. Flex Study covers the same materials and tasks, but allows students to select which work to do and when to do it.