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Why Predictive Analytics Should Be Part of Your 2015 Strategy

View our webcast for an Introduction to Predictive Analytics. Joe Brandenburg, Predictive Analytics Practice Leader at Dunn Solutions, leads a discussion on how Predictive Analytics helps companies like yours make the most of their existing data to uncover future trends, risks and opportunities that result in bigger returns, or avoid big losses.

Our one-hour webinar covers the UDIB of Predictive Analytics:

  • Understand: Why it is important for companies to use Predictive Analytics to stay competitive
  • Determine: How key decision makers can make better plans and improve business decisions with Predictive Analytics, and how and when departments and organizations can incorporate Predictive Analytics as part of the Business Intelligence (BI) strategy to minimize effort and cost
  • Implement: How current technologies make it easier than ever for companies of all sizes to implement Predictive Analytics
  • Benefit: How Predictive Analytics is used in the real world for significant ROI, and case studies from companies in the retail, banking and insurance industries