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Give your B2B customers a personalized B2C buying experience, leverage advanced analytics, and grow sales.

Why Partner with us for your Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

All in One E-Commerce Solution

We’ll build your digital commerce platform, configure the data solution, and enable you to best use that information in your marketing and sales efforts.

Offer a Personalized Buying Experience

Take advantage of a highly customizable ecommerce platform and powerful marketing automation to offer customers a more B2C buying experience. 

A B2B Wholesale Platform which Automates B2B Processes

Integrate with customer ordering systems and automate even the most complex business processes, letting you free up resources and maximize return on investment.

33+ Years of Experience

Leverage the expertise of a successful development and strategy team. Benefit from cutting-edge automation, ecommerce, and analytics technologies.

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Custom Tailored B2B E-Commerce Consulting for:

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You Have So Many Products that Your Customers Can’t Find Them?

Viking Pump simplified product search, increased upsell opportunity, and improved customer satisfaction with our custom ecommerce solution.
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"Dunn Solutions assisted us in getting our marketing website and eCommerce portal set up. They helped us meet aggressive timelines for implementation of both the Marketing site and eCommerce and worked quickly to resolve any issues that arose during planning and execution."

-Josh K.

Comprehensive B2B Ecommerce Functionalities



Customer Self-Service Management 

Give customers control over the internal ordering process, allowing them to set up their own organizational structure, issue approvals, and manage orders on your custom e-commerce website. 

B2B Online Ordering 

Streamline and automate the ordering process with an e-commerce solution that's designed from the ground up to accomodate complex quoting processes, vendor and company approvals, customer acceptance or rejection, and more. 

B2B Price Quote Requests 

Minimize time and labor spent on manually preparing customized quotes with a solution that automatically prepares custom quotes from customers and sales teams alike. 

B2B Custom Catalogs 

Advanced catalog management means you can show customer the products they need- and none of what they don't. Create multiple product catalogs fro various b2B customers' or restrict certain products for users and user groups. 

Custom Pricing

Offer customers a highly personalized and easy-to-use buying experience withn it comes time for companies to replenish orders Our B2B e-commerce solutions are built to accommodate the many different pricing models required for different clients. 

B2B Punch-out Support

Our ecommerce experts deliver B2B solutions that make the buying process easier for everyone involved. Enhance business value with Punch-Out-ready B2B sites that allow a buyer to shop your online catalog and save the cart as a requisitin in the buyer's procurement system for approval. We can integrate the site with any buyer systems you work with. 

Why Businesses Trust Us with Their
Enterprise eCommerce Platform Solutions


Completion rate with our IR projects


Over 33 years of delivering Velocity to organizations


Of only nine global SAP Platinum Partners worldwide

Get Fully Implemented Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

ERP Integration

Save time and effort with an ecommerce site that integrates with most ERP systems.


Credit Management

Implement credit limits on a per-customer basis. Offer real-time notifications if orders exceed pre-approved limits.

Tier Based Pricing

Include different negotiated pricing structures that can be linked to quantity, market data, or other input.

Customer Self-Service Account Management

Streamline the ordering process for customers by letting them control approvals with a next-gen B2B ordering platform.


Create separate storefronts for users and user groups for a more personalized experience with our custom ecommerce solutions.

Custom Catalogs

Create custom catalogs to present products that are relevant for customers, not ones they don’t need.

Custom Contract Management

Effective contract lifecycle management that helps you reduce risk and enhance sales.

Punch-Out Support

Directly integrate with customers' procurement systems to enhance business value and increase sales with our cloud commerce solution.

Transform Your B2B Experience With Custom eCommerce Solutions

Leverage the power of Dunn Solutions’ B2B eCommerce Experience 

Add Velocity to Your Sales Processes with an eCommerce Cloud Platform

Discover missed opportunities and how you can increase sales. Book a free exploration of your current sales processes with our ecommerce consultants.

Save Time and Effort on Data Entry

Enjoy an enterprise-level ecommerce experience with a site that iIntegrates with ERP systems to automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and let your team focus on value addition.

Build a Virtuous Cycle of Customer Engagement

Implement data-driven sales and outreach that allows you to pursue strategic marketing, and provide customers a more personalized experience with our enterprise ecommerce solutions.

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