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Build a Data Lake in the Cloud in 30 Days

Mallorie De Riggi
11 Months Ago

Deliver the data your business needs, Now!

Today's organizations need access to all their data now – and don't have the time to always create formal data warehouses. Dunn Solutions has the answer – our data lake consulting services and cloud data partners can deliver an agile data lake for your business in 30 days! We have pre-built connectors to over 100 common enterprise data sources and a proven plan to deliver a cloud based, highly scalable, and low maintenance data access solution your end users have been asking for.

We will build you a cloud data lake in 30 days that provides your organization with a flexible and cost-effective way to:

  • Give business users, like Marketing, access to data from sources like Salesforce, ERP, and Google Analytics – all in one place.
  • Quickly expose key metrics using the reporting and dashboarding tools you already have.
  • Execute cloud based, high performance, automated replication from over 100 sources which means less custom development and short implementation times.

Working with Dunn Solutions' data lake consultants, you will receive:

  • All the extract logic and replication to get your data into a cloud data lake. 
  • Completely open and extensible environment – use your existing SQL-based reporting and dashboard tools. 
  • Training and post-implementation support.

Deliver the data your business needs now! Contact Dunn Solutions to find out how our expertise and technology partners can shorten your delivery timeframes and reduce the data lake implementation and maintenance cost of your cloud data lake solution!


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