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How Consolidated Data Drives Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Marketing Insights Using ETL Solutions

Beth Mackey
11 Months Ago

Benefits of Marketing Data ETL Solutions

Every organization needs a flexible technology stack that can give business leaders the proper information to set their business apart from the rest. This post we will be discussing the importance of gathering, understanding, and utilizing marketing data to your advantage. We will have a heavy focus on driving sales and lowering inefficient costs surrounding your marketing campaign efforts.


Leveraging Marketing Data

Leveraging marketing data is now a growing commonality among successful businesses. Customer needs are consistently changing, which can be hard to understand and determine in the first place. Utilizing marketing campaign information can help determine how well you are reaching your customer base, and more importantly, areas where you are not reaching your customer base. Dunn Solutions Analytics Teams creates marketing ETL pipelines for many companies to get them to a comfortable place to start to analyze what they have gathered and making more informed business decisions.

In some instances, Dunn Solutions leveraged Marketo’s API for marketing data regarding campaigns being ran on specific demographics. Python code is used to connect to the API, extract, transform, and load the campaign data into a Snowflake Data Warehouse (or any other database system you like). This information was then used to better understand their campaign successes and shortcomings. Most often the business value is driven by understanding shortcomings with the campaigns that had been purchased and then re-allocating capital to more optimal campaigns in the future.

Storage and Analysis

Once you have identified and extracted the data you would like from your marketing automation tool, it must be stored in a repository for analysis. As we all know, business and technology leaders across the world are driving their business with data informed decisions. In order to do this they have to use a business intelligence tool (Power BI, Tableau) to use for deeper and more meaningful analysis to give themselves the edge over competition. Any business intelligence tool can be adopted so you can peer into how customers are engaging with your marketing campaigns. Another important note, business intelligence tools are great for information you want consistently throughout a week, month, quarter, and even year. Once you create the report or dashboard, it will refresh at whatever rate you would like so there is no bottlenecks of not having the information at your fingertips.

Empower Leaders to Make Decisions

This type of solution allows businesses to retrieve and analyze value-driven decisions from marketing campaigns, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most companies spend up to 5% of annual revenue on marketing alone and seeing the fruits of those efforts can become daunting, yet vital. Having this flexible ETL solution can help business leaders aim their attention and capital intentionally.

Our Experience

Dunn Solutions Analytic Consultants have executed many ETL pipeline solutions, including using marketing data from various sectors. Our talented delivery teams will lead the exploration for the best approach and design to maximize your return on investment.

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Author: Grant Guenther

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