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Make Dunn Your Big Data Team

Mallorie De Riggi
9 Months Ago

Big Data? What the hell is big data? The dictionary defines Big Data as “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions”. I just call it lots of data from different sources. That data is used by different functional areas within an organization to make business decisions. 

The Importance of Storing and Accessing Data

Marketing has data. Manufacturing lines can have data. There is transactional data. There is website data. There is customer data. There is vendor data, IoT data….and on and on. Now the trick is having that data stored in a form that can be accessed and analyzed. Storing it in a place that is accessible by those that need it anytime.  There are many choices to be made to accomplish this effectively for your organization, and for each of the functional business areas.   

Where are you on the Analytics Maturity Curve?

Todays’ demands as you grow your analytics maturity calls for using that data to visualize KPIs (key performance indicators), looking historically at what has happened. Additional demands on that data require analyzing it to understand what might happen in the future.  This is predictive analysis.  All of these data demands require a broad set of skills. From architecting the data repository, to building dashboards for KPI exposure, to building data models used for predicting an outcome.  It is difficult for one organization to have all of these skills inhouse.  Let alone know all the technologies that might satisfy the needs of the organization, and have experience with those technologies.  Should you use AWS or Azure? What BI platform makes sense?  Should I build models using python?  Do I need a data lake? What about my current data warehouse?

How analytics maturity models are stunting data science teams | by Jason T  Widjaja | Towards Data Science

Challenges with Big Data

Many organizations get overwhelmed with the mere thought of figuring out how they might leverage their data.  So, many just don’t. The risk, their competitors are leveraging their data and passing them by. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make a phone call to your data concierge? Tell him/her what you are looking for, and have it magically produced. 

The Solution

If your organization needs to figure all this out, that’s what we do for a living. We have the technology experience.  We have the data scientists. We have the skills sets required to help you leverage all of your data, and can help you understand how to leverage it to surpass your competition.  Make Dunn Your Big Data Team or fall behind!



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