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Why SAP Hybris Marketing is Right for Your E-Commerce Business


Taylor Casino
6 Months Ago

Marketing is a cornerstone of e-commerce business. It’s what attracts new consumers to your business and keeps loyal customers coming back again and again. Today, more than 80% of consumers conduct online research before making a large purchase. This means that consumers are online, actively researching your products before making a purchase. It’s time to turn those lookers into buyers and SAP Hybris Marketing is the tool to do it.





Targeting individual consumer’s needs can be challenging, especially with a list of thousands or millions of contacts. It is impossible to track your consumers’ daily interactions by hand; that’s why SAP Hybris Marketing’s segmentation tool is vital. This tool allows you to easily segment consumers by dozens of categories, including interests, loyalty and geographic location, to name a few.


If you’re only interested in reaching out to young males in the Chicago area who subscribe to your newsletter and drive hybrid cars, you can do that. SAP Hybris Marketing makes it easy to target your exact audience so that you save time and money.





You can integrate SAP Hybris Marketing with your e-commerce solution to offer intelligent recommendations to your customers. SAP Hybris Marketing’s recommendation tool looks at previous purchase behavior and recommends products that would best fit your customer’s needs. You also have the option to leverage predictive analytics to better understand what items customers typically bundle within a purchase.


These recommendations can be utilized in a variety of ways throughout your marketing activities. You can use them to populate “you may also like” sections on your website or offer recommendations in email communications.



Personalized Experience


Leveraging past, present and anticipated behaviors is called contextual marketing, and this is can be achieved by combining SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hybris Commerce. When these solutions work together, they offer an integrated experience for consumers. This means that companies can track their consumers’ actions in real-time and deliver unique experiences based on their behavior.


With SAP Hybris Marketing, you can build comprehensive customer profiles that include information like online transactions, social media interactions, clickstream and point-of-sale data. You can pair this with SAP Hybris Commerce’s high quality, dynamic content to create unique customer journeys, depending on a specific consumer’s past and potential actions.








Imagine offering individualized customer journeys to each of your thousands or millions of contacts. Imagine the opportunities for growing engagement and customer loyalty. All of this and more could be possible with the help of SAP Hybris Marketing. Please contact our expert SAP Hybris Marketing & E-commerce consultants for more information at

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