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Advanced e-Commerce Analytics Action Plan

Our Advanced e-Commerce Analytics Solutions allow companies to maximize profits by using the vast amounts of data collected by e-commerce platforms to optimize pricing, budget, and recommendations with solutions like Promotional Pricing Optimization, Cross-sell/Upsell Recommendations, and Marketing Mix Analysis & Optimization – among others. Let our e-commerce analytics experts provide you with an Action Plan to find out where your organization can optimize sales and revenue through your e-commerce platform, at no cost to you. Take advantage of the rich data in your e-commerce platform and become a data driven organization.

Predictive e-Commerce Analytics Assessment (Landing Page Features)

What does the "no charge to you" assessment cover?

  • Two hours of consulting with our e-commerce analytics experts
  • Discussion of your organization's use of analytics
  • Discovery of your organization's e-commerce analytics opportunities
  • Recommended solutions to realize those opportunities
  • A formal presentation to deliver our findings & recommendations for your organization

Why is Dunn offering this Assessment?

Our experience has been that after the adoption of new e-commerce platforms our clients are not taking advantage of the information being captured by these systems. The rich information could be used as a feedback loop to optimize: response rates, basket size, pricing, promotion effectiveness and retention rates. There is so much value waiting to be uncovered and we want to expose it to you.

What types of analysis are we talking about?

  • Promotional Pricing Optimization
  • Cross-sell/Upsell Recommendations
  • Marketing Mix Analysis and Budget Optimization
  • Sales forecasting
  • Churn Analysis
  • Product Assortment Analysis
  • Propensity to buy models
  • Multi-touch Attribution Analysis

How do we schedule an assessment?

Wonderful, we'd love to help! Fill out the form to the right and a Dunn Solutions Advanced e-Commerce Analytics Consultants will be in touch shortly!