AI B2B Account Risk Alerter

With so many tasks competing for a sales rep’s attention how do you ensure that current accounts, your most valuable assets, do not slip away? What if you could automatically notify each rep with their most at risk clients?

Churn Report for Sales Teams 

Today’s B2B account managers have to handle a larger number of accounts and while the drive is often focused on opening net new clients, we mustn’t forget that the cost of acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

Dunn Solutions will create an automated report that gets sent to all of your salespeople with their top 20 at risk accounts in order of profitability. 

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Dunn Solutions B2B Risk Alerter

Dunn Solutions has developed a simple to implement, yet powerful, artificial intelligence solution to make sure your account managers always understand which accounts are at risk – so they can intervene before the customer is gone forever. 

Advanced Machine Learning Leads The Way

By simply sharing monthly company sales numbers, which can easily be exported from any accounting or ERP system, Dunn Solutions leverages our proprietary machine learning platform to:
  • Discover, on an individual account basis, which accounts are the most in danger based on their unique buying history.
  • Deliver a customized report every month to each account rep highlighting the most important metrics they need to know to spot the at risk accounts with the highest Lifetime Value
  • Cleary show the variance in purchase activity specific to that client, including accounting for seasonality, so that account reps have confidence in the alerts and understand the value of each account.

How Does the Process Work?

1.    Sign up for the program
2.    Provide a comma separated values (CSV) file to us monthly with your sales transactions and account rep data (email and ID)
3.    We process the data and email personalized reports to each rep and a summary to management

Result: Better retention and higher revenue (with less time spent on churn!)


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