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Get More Out of your CMS with a Digital Experience Platform Webinar with Dunn Solutions and Liferay

As customers move to a digital experience to research and purchase products and services, the right CMS is more important than ever. Companies are finding themselves looking for ways to streamline, automate and enhance the customer experience.

If you are in the market for a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) watch the recording of our webinar from September 14, 2023 to discover the transformative potential of Liferay's Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Learn how Liferay’s CMS/DXP capabilities can solve business problems like:

  • Creating dynamic, personalized experiences for internal and external customers based on customer segments.
  • Establish style guides and page templates with the ease of drag and drop components.
  • Integrated document management.
  • ROI compared to Adobe AEM and other “pure” CMS competitors.
  • How Liferay integrates the added value of a customer portal and comprehensive B2B and B2C e-commerce features.


In today's economic landscape, being able to collect outstanding debt is more critical than ever for businesses and financial institutions alike. In an era of readily available technology, it is baffling that most companies are still relying on traditional debt collection techniques that often fall short in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness. In this blog, I will give an overview of how machine learning can be used to streamline the debt collection process and maximize recovery rates.

Rethinking Traditional Approaches

Traditionally, debt collection strategies have revolved around segmenting the population into two or three key dimensions, such as debt amount or length of delinquency. The problem with this approach is that it is after the event has already occurred, which significantly decreases the chances of recovery and does not provide insights as to the reason the delinquency occurred in the first place. Further, it ignores customers’ propensity to remedy organically, resulting in wasting resources on customers that would have repaid had they been given more time.

Unleashing Machine Learning Insights

Machine learning algorithms can process historical debt collection data to identify current patterns, trends, and correlations that would not be possible to detect manually. By using machine learning, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, payment patterns, and risk profiles and identify at-risk accounts BEFORE they become delinquent. These insights can also be clustered into look-alike segments to develop personalized strategies for each debtor.

Predicting Successful Debt Recovery

The first task of a machine learning methodology for debt collection is to predict the likelihood of successful debt recovery for every delinquent account. This is achieved by analyzing historical data and incorporating various factors such as payment history, demographic information, debit and credit transactions, and economic indicators, to generate accurate predictions about the probability of debt repayment. This empowers debt collection agencies to prioritize their efforts on debtors with a higher likelihood of repayment, resulting in cost minimization to proper resource allocation and higher recovery rates.

Tailoring Approaches Through Segmentation

Segmenting debtors based on their characteristics and behavior is crucial for tailoring debt collection approaches. Machine learning algorithms can categorize debtors into different segments based on numerous factors such as age, income, payment history, and debt amount. By identifying common characteristics among debtors, businesses can create personalized collection strategies and payment plans that resonate with each segment.

Furthermore, machine learning can seamlessly be used to perform sentiment analysis by analyzing unstructured data such as customer service calls recordings, posts on social platforms, emails, and review to understand the customer’s emotional state. By being able to detect signs of frustration, dissatisfaction, or willingness to cooperate, the communication strategy can also be adjusted in its tone, language, and timing. All these factors working together will significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome.


Proactive Risk Detection and Intervention

The last task of an effective machine learning strategy is to identify customers who are at risk of becoming delinquent before they do. Using the insights from the previous two steps, machine learning can detect warning signs and alert debt collectors before delinquency occurs. Proactive intervention using personalized communication with alternative financial solutions, such as negotiation of repayment plans, is often more cost-effective and helps support a positive relationship with the customer.

Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning

Machine learning presents an incredible and yet vastly untapped opportunity for the debt collection industry. By harnessing the power of data mining, propensity modeling, customer segmentation, sentiment analysis, and early risk detection, businesses can optimize their debt collection strategies and maximize their recovery rates.

Dunn solutions has successfully implemented these solutions for major players in the financial industry, achieving as much as 3X increase in collection amounts and slashing costs by as much as 30%.



KaarTech Expands Digital Transformation Footprint with Acquisition of Dunn Solutions Group Inc.



KaarTech (, a global Digital Transformation Consulting company, is excited to announce its latest strategic move in the world of digital transformation. The company has broadened its’ capabilities and geography by successfully acquiring Dunn Solutions Group Inc. ( ), a leading Customer Experience Solutions consultancy headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Founded in 2006, KaarTech has solidified its position as a key player within the SAP ecosystem. With a proven track record of delivering digital transformation success across various sectors, including Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, and Consumer Packaged Goods, KaarTech has carved a niche for itself. The company has also developed proprietary intellectual property, KEBS for Professional Services ( ) and KTern for SAP Digital Transformation (, reinforcing its reputation as a formidable force in the Digital Transformation Arena.

Founded in 1988, Dunn Solutions is headquartered outside of Chicago and has offices both in Minneapolis and Bangalore, India. The company has carved its niche as a Digital Commerce and Business Transformation Consultancy. Their core mission revolves around delivering unmatched velocity and transformative solutions to their clients.

This strategic acquisition marks a watershed moment for KaarTech as it combines its extensive SAP domain expertise, especially in SAP S/4HANA, with Dunn Solutions' prowess in Digital Customer Experience.

Speaking about the acquisition, Mr. Maran Nagarajan, CEO of KaarTech, says, "We are excited to join forces with Dunn Solutions to accelerate our vision of redefining Digital Transformation. This partnership brings together the best of both worlds – our SAP expertise and Dunn Solutions' prowess in Customer Experience – to create a transformative force that will deliver exceptional value to our clients."

“KaarTech has earned a reputation as a key driver of SAP innovation across a number of verticals over the years globally, and we are excited to join them as we look to leverage the assets and experience of Dunn Solutions to continue building on KaarTech’s success in the Digital Transformation Space,” Bill Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, Dunn Solutions said.

This union not only broadens the horizontal scope of KaarTech's services but also strengthens its commitment to providing cutting-edge digital solutions that drive business growth and competitiveness. With this partnership, KaarTech solidifies its position as a true leader in the Digital Transformation Arena.

About KaarTech:

KaarTech is a leading Digital Transformation Consulting company founded in 2006. With a focus on the SAP ecosystem, KaarTech has established itself as a key player in IP & Digital Services. The company's proprietary IPs, KEBS and KTern, empower businesses to navigate the evolving landscape of digital transformation.

About Dunn Solutions Group Inc.:

Dunn Solutions Group Inc. is a Customer Experience Solutions consultancy founded in 1988. It is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Minneapolis and Bangalore, India. The company specializes in Digital Commerce and Analytics solutions, delivering innovative solutions to drive client success.


Hundreds of Re-Developed Reports Under-Budget and On Time with Global Delivery Team Model

Mass Report Migration with Global Delivery Model

Solution: Analytics, Data Integration Services, Business Intelligence

Industry: Manufacturing, All Industry, Food & Beverage

Project: Mass Report Migration with Global Delivery Model
Client: Food Manufacturer and Distributor

Our customer is a multibillion-dollar private company with approximately 14,000 subsidiary employees in the United States. Based out of Minnesota, they sell fine, branded frozen food through home delivery, the foodservice industry and grocery stores in North America.

Challenge: Upgrade in Technology Leaves Thousands of Reports to be Re-developed

The company has an estimated 500 IBM Cognos reports that need to be retired by 1st October 2015. These reports needed to be converted to SAP BI, which is the company's corporate BI tool. The organization needed to find a way to have these hundreds of reports re-developed and integrated into their new system without a large impact on their budget as well as not interfering with the day-to-day business operations within the set time frame.

Solution: Global Migration Team Leveraged to Complete Project in Time

Dunn Solutions was selected to convert existing IBM Cognos reports to SAP BI. Most of the reports accessed data using Oracle Stored Procedures, considering this Dunn Solutions recommended a strategy of using Crystal Reports for some reports and Web Intelligence for others. Dunn evaluated each report before we started the development, and determined the best SAP BI tool to be used.

Dunn Solutions approached this project with our Global Delivery Team in order to ensure high-quality and quick turn-around as well as keeping this project within a reasonable budget. Our On-site Project Lead worked with the client's team to develop requirements and specifications for report development. The Dunn lead then documented which stored procedures was associate with which report, and worked with the offshore team to ensure reports are developed to proper specifications.

Result: Hundreds of Reports are Re-developed within Both Budget and Timeframe

The re-development of the reports using Dunn Solution's Global Delivery team enabled the national food manufacturer to make the transition in BI tools without interruption in daily workflow as well as avoiding the large potential cost of an all on-site model or having to hire their own team to tackle the large amount of work in migration. As a result of the efficient Global Team Delivery Model, Dunn Solutions was able to re-develop more reports than originally estimated, while still working with date of delivery as well as estimated cost.


Penn Foster Advances Self-Service Reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud

How Penn Foster Modernized its BI and Reporting Capabilities with SAP Analytics Cloud

Solution: Analytics, Business Intelligence

Industry: Education


Project: How Penn Foster Modernized its BI and Reporting Capabilities with SAP Analytics Cloud
Client: Penn Foster

Providing unique audiences with the knowledge and freedom to interact with customized reports is critical for Penn Foster. Offering vocational and certificate programs, high school diplomas, and workforce development through online education courses, this American education services company needed a solution to provide a more flexible, modern reporting experience to internal customers and external clients.

Challenge: Defining the Data Problem

Penn Foster and Dunn Solutions began their partnership in 2012, exploring the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence product suite. As Penn Foster has grown and transformed, offering technology-based interactive courses as part of The Penn Foster Experience learning model, they saw the need to offer cloud-based interactive reporting for their partners. This way, partners could review the reports based on individual needs and slice and dice data to consider different perspectives in their analysis.

With a complex data landscape and an array of data sources, including Web Intelligence reports, Data Warehouse in SQL server, and combination of Universes, there were challenges in consolidating and modelling data to draw insights quickly and confidently. What's more, once reports were generated for internal and external audiences, they remained stagnant and static, lacking the next-level interactivity to filter, engage with, and gain insights from data to make the report the user's own.

Enter SAP Analytics Cloud alongside SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite 4.2 – a hybrid solution for Penn Foster leveraging cloud-based analytics technology with trusted on-premise data connectivity.

Solution: Creating the Connection

To address the challenge of data management and connections, the first step was to look at opportunities to import data into SAP Analytics Cloud. From SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite 4.2/ SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to Excel, data is wrangled and modelled, with a scheduled importer from Excel to bring in the data to SAP Analytics Cloud. After simplifying the connections by using the scheduled import functionality from Excel to SAP Analytics Cloud, Penn Foster reduced manual effort from repeated data uploads and were ready to start bringing their data to life with interactive, visual dashboards.

Result: Real-time Reporting and Results

Highlighting the need for improved reporting capabilities with their analytics solution, Penn Foster looked to empower report recipients with SAP Analytics Cloud. Multiple reports were needed to provide internal customers and external clients with unique reporting requirements.

With visualizations that are easy to generate from pre-created models from SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports into SAP Analytics Cloud, Penn Foster was quickly on the way to offering report recipients a cloud-based self-service approach from any device.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, ad hoc reporting and storytelling is efficient and flexible. The ability to add customized filters, input controls, and linked analysis enables unique users to have self-service data analysis – filtering, drilling down into data hierarchies for more details, and more. There's so much for Penn Foster to look forward to in the world of smart features, interactive storytelling, and turning insights into action with SAP Analytics Cloud.


The Analytics Wave: Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

If You're Not Surfing the Wave, You'll be Drowned!

Turning oceans of data into meaningful information is the goal of business intelligence. Now more than ever, the volume, complexity, variety and speed of data presents a challenge and an opportunity. In the past organizations ran their business on gut feel and spreadsheets. If the goal is to stay competitive (much less stay in business!) an organization must embrace analytics.

In this series we are going to introduce you to concepts around analytics as they pertain to business intelligence. Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful information in data. We are going to focus on three categories of analytics: Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics. Since these three represent a progression of capability we will present them in that order.

We "take-off" with the first webinar in the series will be a primer on analytics and business intelligence. Once the foundation is set, we will "hang-five" with Predictive Analytics, and then look for the ultimate wave with Prescriptive Analytics.


On Premise and Cloud Database Replication with Microsoft Azure

Analytics in the cloud is becoming increasingly important. How can you start taking advantage of cloud based analytics? First, you have to understand how to move your on-premise data into your cloud based databases. Azure makes it easy. With Azure, you can quickly spin up a SQL Server database and migrate your analytics data to the cloud. Moreover, you can set up real-time replication, to ensure the data in the cloud is up to date.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the benefits of having your data stored in Azure. We'll review the process of migrating data from your on-premise SQL Server databases into the Azure SQL Server databases using two methods:

  • Transaction-based replication
  • Database deployment

In addition to the processes outlined above, during the webinar we will demonstrate how to access Azure SQL Server databases using Visual Studio as well as how to analyze Azure SQL data using Power BI in the cloud.


Solving Common B2B e-Commerce SEO Challenges

The biggest problem and biggest opportunity your business has today is that B2B buyers expect you to make shopping easy for them, they expect a B2B shopping experience as accessible as their B2C shopping experiences are. B2B brands have to rise to that challenge by delivering search optimized shopping journeys that match those the B2C space offers. That isn't bad news. B2B organizations typically know more about their consumers than B2C concerns, which means it's easier for them to a) infer intent from search phrases or on page behavior and b) deliver the relevant content higher search rankings are increasingly dependent on.

Higher rankings in the B2B market space can actually be achieved using certain B2C SEO tactics. In fact, there are at least three commonly overlooked tactics that if correctly deployed can elevate your search results. Not surprisingly, each of these factors is rooted in B2C marketing tactics but customized for a B2B audience.

Nail B2B e-Commerce SEO with…

  • Digital Asset Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Rich Snippets and Structured Markup

During this webinar we'll introduce you to the applicability of SEO to B2B e-commerce concerns and demonstrate how by incorporate the above tactics into your marketing plan you can surpass even your strongest competitors.


What's new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 - Platform, Web Intelligence & IDT

SAP released the latest version of their business intelligence platform, SAP BusinessObjects in the spring of 2016. This webinar will cover many of the updates and new features added to version 4.2.

Changes to the BI Platform

  • BI Administrator's Cockpit – a dashboard view of BI environment
  • Recycle Bin – recover reports from the Central Management Console
  • User Notification – schedule a message to users without tying it to a report
  • Upgrade Manager updates – select reports to upgrade based on date
  • Changes to the installation process – split installation for less downtime

Additions to Web Intelligence

  • Direct connections to SAP HANA – no need to use a universe to connect to HANA
  • Parallel Queries – run queries in parallel to save time
  • Null Values – allow users to select NULL from a combo box instead of have to write a complex filter
  • Big Numbers – increased precision
  • Geo Maps for the browser and rich client – works like Lumira, no tricks involved
  • Comments – leave and view comments
  • Shared Elements – save parts of a document into the launch pad to use in other documents

Additions to the Information Design Tool

  • Linked Universes – connect universes that share a connection
  • BEx Universes – generate universes from a BEx query

Join us and learn how the new features in SAP BusinessObjects can help improve your administration and reporting.


Is the security of your marketing site hurting your SEO?

Is the security of your marketing site hurting your SEO?

Google gives search ranking advantage to marketing sites that are secure (via HTTPS). Right now, about 34% of the first page search results are secured – is your company's result there?

Many business users are over-looking this advantage when tackling their SEO strategy.

However, if done improperly, switching from a non-secured to a secured marketing site can easily negate SEO efforts. Join us in this webinar and learn why this change matters to your company and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Our SEO Consultant, Dirk Lester, will discuss:

  • What it means to have a "secure" site
  • Google's strategy for secure sites
  • SEO advantages of switching
  • How to address common issues when switching to a secure site


Learn how to use your Big Data in Real Time

Processing Big Data in real-time yields huge benefit. Whether you are trying to recommend a specific product, identify potential capacity issues or even offer up the right price - doing it in real-time is a game changer.

Using a telecommunications case study, we will show how they handle large data volumes of call detail records in real-time to predict issues, to ensure that service is not interrupted.

Our webinar includes a demonstration using the following cloud-based technologies to get it done:

  • Cloud Analytics
  • MS Azure Event Hub
  • HDInsight
  • Spark Streaming

Join us and see how you can set up an agile and scalable infrastructure in MS Azure to solve real-time Big Data challenges!


Why You Need Collaborative Budgeting: Budgeting with SAC

SAP® Analytics Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that unifies analytics and planning enterprise-wide. It combines three core analytics functions (Planning, Business Intelligence and Predictive) on a single platform for planners everywhere across an organization. Strategic, financial, operations, and corporate planners can perform advanced real-time analytics, share analytical results, resolve issues collaboratively all within this single solution. Completely eliminate (or at least reduce) the complex web of spread-marts and the silo-ed planning cycles that are common in many organizations today.

Whether you are the only planner for a small business, or one of many planners in a large organization, this video provides an introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud. We will explore:

• A new generation of planning in the cloud with a modern look and feel

• Embedded tools and workflows for collaborative planning

• "What if" scenario planning with built in version management


Using Azure ML to Build a Recommendation Engine for E-Commerce Sites

Customer personalization is critical to E-Commerce sales. It's used to increase cart size, maximize margin and retain customers. In order to retain customers, it is critical to analyze their historical buying patterns and other interactions so that we can make valuable recommendations and entice them to BUY AGAIN. Many online retailers are aware that they need personalized and automated recommendations for their E-Commerce websites, but are not sure how to get it done, as it's not as straight forward as you would think.

In this video, Dunn Solutions will show you:

  1. Why personalization is the key to retaining customers
  2. Implementation of recommendation systems in Azure ML
  3. How can one leverage these recommendations to target their customers


Built a custom web application to automate quotes for a specialty car insurance company.

Custom Web Application for Automated Quotes

Project: Custom Web Application for Automated Quotes
Client: Specialty Car Insurance Company

It's no secret that the insurance industry is wrought with paperwork and process. Quote generation, the industry's primary customer acquisition method, is an especially paper laden portion of the business.


For one specialty car insurance company the quote generation process was complicated, lengthy and involved numerous paper exchanges between brokers and underwriters. The company sought to create a competitive advantage for itself by automating a process that included six hundred unique forms.


Dunn Solutions Group led the company's website project years before and their expertise was again enlisted to build a custom, highly secure, web-based application to automate the quote generation process and underwriter approval workflow. The eighteen-month project utilized a team of Dunn Solutions resources guided by the company's domain expert, who provided direction on the data model and business processes.

The project utilized web 2.0 technologies and included the creation of a highly complex quote engine that pulls state-specific information from multiple databases whose data must be carefully maintained. To further expedite its quote generation, the client integrated e-sign technology into the application, capturing legal, electronic signatures via a dynamic PDF form.


The application has greatly reduced turnaround time allowing the company's three thousand brokers to quickly deliver quotes to their prospects and customers. In addition to quote generation the application also features newsletter subscriptions, commission statements and other information relevant to the broker community.


Global Energy Services Company Creates Virtual Community for its Spouses Association

Community Portal Development

Project: Community Portal Development
Client: Leading Global Energy Services Company

Global companies understand how crucial logistical and community support is to successful relocations for employees and their families. A leading Global Energy Services Company had all the right ideas, but lacked the technology to translate these ideas into the resources needed for their Spouses Association.


Their goal was to transform an outdated eight year old website into a bustling virtual community for its global workforce, using portal technology.

Featuring 146 chapters in 48 countries, this project was of considerable scope and required a technology able to be adapted to their vision. The following functionalities were critical:

  • Cloning the website using site templates
  • Custom Google Map portlets to indicate the physical location of the local chapters
  • Create structure content using Liferay Web Content Management; Utilize Blog, Message Board, Picture of the Day, Image Gallery, and Document Library features to create a Global Content Driven portal.

Solution: Liferay Implementation

The company purchased the Liferay Enterprise Edition and first used an internal team to manage the project. However after two years of limited progress, an RFP was used to identify an IT Consulting Team to take over the implementation. The project was awarded to Dunn Solutions Group, a preferred partner of Liferay and highly regarded provider of portal technology consulting services.

Result: Enterprise Solution Streamlined Processes

Dunn Solutions Group was contracted for a six month project, featuring a combined team of internal stakeholders and Dunn Solutions developers. The portal, with an anticipated 8,000 users, will be managed by a network of global and local chapter administrators.