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Dunn Solutions has been a recognized leader in information technology education since 1988. Our certified and highly trained instructors are consultants who are qualified to teach you the same advanced tools they use to develop mission-critical business projects. This "practitioner's approach" offers practical insight that significantly increases the effectiveness of the training experience.

We offer several class delivery options to meet your training objectives and budget.


All Classroom courses are taught in person with an instructor and include both a hard copy and eBook student guide for students to keep. Your course will include a comprehensive standard curriculum agenda, demostrations and presentations and access to hosted servers/training environments.

All Classroom courses can be found on our training schedule.

Virtual Classroom

With Live Virtual Classroom training, the same content delivered in our Classroom courses is available in the comfort and convenience of your office or home. Virtual Classrooms support hands-on learning by providing each registered student with exclusive access to training systems throughout the duration of each course. These hands-on classes are taught by experts and eliminate the hassle and cost of travel. Each Virtual Classroom course is taught by a live instructor and includes an eBook student guide. CPE Credits are not available for Virtual Classroom sessions (only Classroom courses).

Virtual Classroom courses can be found on our training schedule.


We offer a growing catalog of eLearning courses – highly interactive, web-based courses that enable you to deliver the timely, focused training your organization demands. All courses remain available for up to six months, allowing your users to plan training at their convenience. Students can monitor their performance, revisit or revise content at a later date, and identify additional learning needs during their progress.

eLearning courses can be found on our training schedule.

SAP Subscription Library

SAP subscriptions libraries can benefit organizations with significant cost reduction per learner allowing you to train your entire technical workforce on SAP software. You will have 12 months of access to one of SAP's Learning Hub Editions and will include the following benefits:

  • Simplified purchasing process to one transaction a year: no scheduling, no cancellations, and so on. SAP Learning Hub brings all technical professional workers up-to-date on SAP solution knowledge, providing perpetual "classrooms" in the cloud and live training systems anytime, year-round.
  • Experience fast delivery of learning, directly from SAP experts in multiple formats and a wide range of solution areas via SAP Learning Rooms - Structured collaboration and social learning led by experts from SAP or partners.
  • All subscription users will also have unlimited access to all of the learning content from SAP, including role-based learning and certification paths and the option to upload company-specific content.
  • Learning Journeys - A visual guide illustrating the path a learner can choose to become fully competent in a solution
  • Learning management system capabilities - To track and report on learning goals and progress. SAP Live Access - Exclusive purchase option for on-demand access to live training systems
  • SAP Live Access - Exclusive purchase option for on-demand access to live training systems

For more information on the SAP Subscription Library, please contact

Custom CBT

Computer Based Training (CBT) is a fully customized option that allows companies to use their own technology environments for training. Students generally pick up concepts faster when the training references and exercises relate to their own environments and to the work the student will be doing with the tool.

If your company is interested in exploring the development of a Custom CBT program, please contact

Customized Education

We are able to develop customized training curriculums based on the needs of your organization and your budget. If you've purchased new software and are looking to get your users quickly up to speed, or you'd like the guidance of a mentor for a project, deployment or upgrade, we work with your team to develop a customized education program best suited to your training objectives.

If your company is interested in exploring a Customized Education program, please contact

Liferay Training

Dunn Solutions is a platinum Liferay services partner and certified Liferay training partner. Our private classroom or onsite Liferay training delivers personalized, high-quality instruction. Convenient, customized and cost effective, our private Liferay training provides you with an opportunity to craft a training curriculum that best suits your business and portal deployment needs.

Microsoft Total Access Collection

Work toward certifications or mastering skills with this 6-month subscription to an extensive list of Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand. Where, when, and how you study is up to you. These courses are stamped with Microsoft's approval, so you can trust that what you are learning meets Microsoft's standards.

What's Included

  • Unlimited total access to an extensive collection of Microsoft Official On-Demand courses for 6 months
  • 24/7 access to the following tools:
    • HD-quality streaming videos that adapt to your connection speed and device
    • Hands-on live labs with integrated lab steps and ability to save and resume labs
    • Knowledge checks for comprehensive assessments
    • Mentoring via chat, email, and phone
  • Course completion certificates

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