Analytics as a Service


Analytics as a Service

Do you wish you had more BI and data science capabilities than you currently do?  Would you like to build out a robust machine learning infrastructure at your company? You may think the best course of action is to hire your own team, but you're finding that this is very hard to do and can be very expensive.

Instead of building your own team, Dunn Solutions' Analytics as a Service (AaaS) puts a dedicated analytics team at your disposal when you need it and for as much as your need it. Think of it as your own analytics concierge service.  

Dunn Solutions' Analytics as a Service isn't intended to replace your existing analytics team but rather be extension of your organization and work together to help you achieve your goals. This allows you to scale up and scale down on projects as needed without enduring the added expense.

Once hired, you and your team will access through our highly secure Analytics as a Service Portal to submit data service requests to our team.

Dunn Solutions' Analytics as a Service program is backed by a team of BI consultants and data scientists who have decades of customer experience and are capable taking on a wide range of analytics projects. Dunn Solutions' BI and advanced analytics capabilities are such that you can use us however you want. Think of us a great utility player in baseball.  We can play any position on the field to help your team win! 

Analytics as a Service Features

Analytics as a Service Features & Benefits

How It Works

Dunn Solutions will provide you with a dedicated Analytics as a Service (AaaS) team.

  • Dunn Solutions' BI Consultants will act as your analytics concierge
  • Your staff (IT, Data Stewards & Business Users) will initiate data services requests with the Dunn Solutions' AaaS concierge via the AaaS portal
  • The analytics concierge coordinates the required resources needed
  • Dunn Solutions' AaaS team fulfills analytics' services requests
  • Your data stewards will be responsible for data in their subject areas
  • Your IT staff will provide oversight (if applicable)

Roles and Responsibilities

DSG Data Conciege:  The Data Concierge is the central point of contact between your Data Stewards and your Business Users. Requests for data related projects and activities go through the Data Concierge. The request is assessed and scoped. Depending on the size, the request may simply be executed, or go through the appropriate review. It may be the case that the Data Concierge can solely handle the request.  If not, the Concierge would bring in other roles as required.

DSG BI Consultant: The BI Consultant is a BI specialist that understands analytics, dimensional modeling, data warehousing and reporting.

DSG Cloud Platform Administrator: The Cloud Platform Administrator will handle all aspects of enabling and managin the selected cloud-based data environment (i.e. Snowflake, Azure, AWS).

DSG EIM Consultant: The EIM Consultant handles all aspects of data movement, ETL and ELT. This includes from and to on-premises and cloud.

DSG Data Scientist: The Data Scientist works with the Business Users and Data Stewards to define and execute predictive analytics experiments and predictive modeling. This includes working with R, SAS and Python to build and automate models.

Example: Trusted Data for Dashboards and Reports

Provide KPIs to client staff and members along with supporting data for ad-hoc analysis.

This comes from highly processed and cleansed data.  One version of the truth – The Data Warehouse

Example: Data Science Playgrounds

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