Dunn Solution’ Cross-Sell model enables companies to make targeted recommendations that both increase customer basket size and ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Services

Dunn Solution’s analytics automated Up-sell and Cross-sell solutions allows you to maximize basket size and customer loyalty by providing meaningful recommendations to your customers at the most opportune time. We do this by combining customer segmentation information, product information and customer behavior information in real time.  

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Up-Sell & Cross-Sell to Increase ROI

Growing existing customers always has a higher ROI than acquiring new ones, but random cross-selling to drive revenue can backfire and result in loss of trust. Understanding what products are most relevant to specific customers can create a more compelling message to clients and proactively help them to see how spending more with you benefits them.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell with Market Basket Modeling

How are you sure what products to up-sell or cross-sell to which customers? Dunn Solutions's machine learning models enable companies to make targeted recommendation that both increase customer basket size and ensure a seamless shopping experience.  Here are some ways that Dunn Solutions' Market Basket Analysis can increase cross-sales: 

  • Marketing: creating value by your customers with relevant suggestions instead of alienating them with general email blasts
  • Inventory Management: make sure you never run out of products whose sales that halo on other products
  • Proper Discount: Don't discount items that are often sold together at the same time
  • Store layout: putting items that sell together adjacent to each other

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