COVID-19 Employee Tracing System

Employee COVID Tracking Application
Modernize Your Intranet and address today's COVID-19 Work environment

Over the coming months, as more of your employees begin experiencing in-person interactions again, tracking and tracing COVID-19 infections at your workplace will be essential to successfully preventing workplace spread.

Dunn Solutions has the solution to address this challenge!

Our customizable Employee COVID-19 Tracking Solution is built on the industry's best digital experience platform – Liferay.

When you purchase a one-year subscription of Liferay to modernize your employee intranet, Dunn Solutions will provide you with our Employee COVID-19 Tracking Application at no charge!

Our COVID-19 Tracking Application:

  • Brings your COVID employee data collection process online
  • Streamline virus reporting across managers and departments
  • Set-up permission settings to protect employee health information
  • Automate E-mail Notifications Regarding Possible Infections

This is a $20,000 value!

The time is now to modernize your employee intranet to increase productivity, streamline communications, and address workplace challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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