Customer Churn Reduction Offer


Increase Profitability by Reducing your Customer Churn!

Start identifying and retaining your riskiest and most valuable customers!

Clients that have leveraged our machine learning services have increased their profitability between 33% and 265%

Partner with Dunn Solutions to Improve Customer Retention

Questions We Will Answer:

  • Who is about to churn? When do we expect them to churn?
  • How much are your churners worth? What is the financial impact of losing these customers?
  • Which customers should I spend my retention budget on? Which should I let go?
  • Which customers can grow through cross-selling strategies?

Research suggests that a 5% reduction in customer churn can increase profits by 20% or more. The cost of retaining a customer is 7X-10X lower than acquiring a new one. It's also 3X easier to cross-sell to existing customers than to new customers. Existing customers are a great opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling. Your organization gets a greater ROI by selling to existing customers. Its only logical that companies should consider customer churn reduction as one of their top priorities.

Dunn Solutions leverages its many years of machine learning expertise in both B2B and B2C to design a custom churn reduction strategy that will work best for your company's unique customer base.

What We Are Offering:

Dunn Solutions offers a no-charge churn analysis to qualified customers that includes identifying which of your customers are most likely to churn and how much they are worth to your business.

Dunn Solutions will create a churn propensity model that will be used to identify which of your customers are at the highest risk of leaving and then we will calculate the lifetime value of each customer so that you can give the highest priority to your riskiest and most valuable customers.

We will also identify key attrition drivers so that you properly target the customers you want to keep most.

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Free Churn Analysis

Dunn Solutions will offer a No Charge Churn Analysis for qualified customers that will identify which of your customers are most likely to leave and how much they are worth to your business.

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