Customer Journey Digital Engagement Audit

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Our Customer Journey Audit is a FREE service that Dunn Solutions offers to understand where you can focus efforts and budget. 

Our FREE Customer Journey Audit helps brands document 
their customer journey at a high level and begin to understand how digital engagement can improve ROI and Customer Satisfaction. 

Learn where to strenghten your processes to nurture customers at every opportunity through personalized interactions across every touchpoint. 

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How It Works

Our Customer Journey Audit identifies the top 3 personas and the digital and non-digital touchpoints that those personas interact with during a typical full lifecycle customer journey. Each touchpoint is documented and rated for data quality (or lack thereof) as well as identifying touchpoints which need to derived (calculated by machine learning).

What You Receive

  • Top 3 Personas
  • High Level Journey for each persona and the touchpoints along that journey
  • Recommendations for how to leverage digital engagement tools at multiple steps in the journey to grow revenue and prevent customer churn
  • Roadmap to implement digital customer engagement solution
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Next Steps

If you’re interested, fill out the form at the top of the page. Expect to hear from one of our associates within 3 business days to discuss and schedule your NO CHARGE Customer Journey Digital Engagement Audit. 

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