Performance Testing and Tuning


Performance Testing & Tuning

The ability to make real-time, data driven decisions is critical in today's competitive business environment.  So when deploying or upgrading business technology, companies need to be sure the infrastructure can effectively handle the demand of its users.  For instance, a high number of web application users could overload a web server and result in data that takes too long to load; or multiple reports scheduled to run at the same time may result in a significant system slowdown.  It's important that companies do application performance testing to avoid frustrations and downtime that can impact productivity, adoption, and ultimately the value of their technology investment.

Dunn Solutions helps companies test how their applications will perform using various scenarios to determine the right amount of hardware required to effectively meet demand.  We utilize sophisticated performance testing software to create powerful, realistic load tests by simulating traffic.  During the simulation, we monitor key metrics such as RAM, disk i/o, network traffic and CPU usage.  We can also simulate mobile application traffic using a variety of devices and network speeds commonly available. We can then quickly detect, isolate and resolve the root cause of performance problems.

If you are planning a mid-size or large software deployment, let Dunn Solutions ensure that your software delivers the performance your end users need.