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E-Commerce Assessment Workshop

B2B Food E-Commerce Assessment Workshop

For many independent B2B Food Suppliers and Manufacturers, there are several reasons why the industry has been lagging behind in recent years:

  • Costs are rising, margins are narrowing 
  • Giants like Amazon are changing the industry in dramatic ways
  • Newer customers have different expectations, i.e. ability to order 24x7 at one's convenience
  • Lack of investment in marketing is hurting sales
  • Limited or no e-commerce is being used to support sales and marketing

These are serious and significant challenges your business may be encountering.  Not all of these challenges have easy answers, but our experience in the B2B food industry leads us to believe that we can help you grow your business through e-commerce.  We are here to help.  We specifically designed our e-commerce workshop for you.

Our e-commerce workshop is meant to be interactive, thought provoking and even a little fun.   Our workshop will provide you with the ability to accurately assess and adapt your current practices for a more successful e-commerce future within the B2B food industry. We spend an entire day with your organization reviewing your technology, IT, merchandising, marketing and brand messaging, all based on real world customer needs.  Here is an outline of our workshop agenda:

  • Customer Persona Development
  • Messaging Review & Alignment
  • IT Overview
  • Marketing Automation Overview
  • Merchandising Approach
  • E-mail Marketing Review
  • "The Art of the Possible" Roadmap Development

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*For qualified B2B Food Distributors and Manufacturers