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Jump start your marketing with FREE use of our Marketing Automation platform when we partner together to drive revenue!

Special Offer: Use our Marketing Automation Platform for Free

Partner with Dunn Solutions for Marketing Success

We provide you with the software at no charge, you hire us to help execute your marketing efforts!

Here's How It Works:

  • You'll get a 1 year subscription to our marketing automation platform at no charge
  • We'll handle the setup and partner with you to drive revenue
  • As an extension of your marketing team we can help you execute many of your day-to-day digital marketing activities to attract new customers.
  • We'll analyze your marketing data and provide you with deeper insights that will optimize your marketing strategy and maximize revenue.
  • You'll have a full-service digital marketing and data science team at your disposal!


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Free Marketing Automation Platform

Dunn Solutions is offering a 1 year no-charge Marketing Automation platform for qualified customers when you hire Dunn Solutions to support your marketing automation efforts. A $10,000 value!

Clients that have leveraged our services have increased their profitability between 33% and 265%

Digital Communications Execution

We will work with you to not only teach you best practices but more importantly, offer strategic help in understanding how to apply marketing automation to your unique buyer's journey and the technical expertise to integrate all of your platforms.

System Integration

We can integrate all of your existing systems including your ERP, POS systems, CRM, social media platforms, e-mail, data warehouses and much more to get them all working together. We can leverage the latest portal, E-Commerce and mobile technologies to help you deliver seamless customer experiences and achieve all of your business objectives.

Customer Analytics and Segmentation

Our data scientists will help your organization increase revenue, maximize marketing campaign effectiveness, uncover insights and trends, acquire new customers and retain existing customers through machine learning.

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