Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Introduction

Bring your micro influencer marketing videos to your e-commerce site to drive more sales

Influencer marketing can help you break through the traditional advertising noise that many consumers completely ignore. Hiring the right social media micro influencers to promote your products can help you connect with new audiences, expand brand awareness and drive incremental sales growth.

As the influencer marketing space has expanded in recent years, the process of recruiting, managing and paying your influencers has become a challenge for many companies. Part of that process also entails needing to properly attribute, track and connect your influencer marketing campaigns back to your commerce platform for optimization.

To address these challenges, Dunn Solutions offers a complete micro influencer marketing solution that:

  • Automates the process of recruiting, curating and paying your influencers
  • Dynamically tie videos to product skus on your e-commerce site
  • Track the performance of each video and photo with real time analytics
  • Takes those insights and leverages them back into your commerce strategy to increase your ROI

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