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Learn how to create a smart cycle of engagement to drive revenue with SAP Hybris

Learn how to create a smart cycle of engagement to drive revenue with SAP Hybris

SAP's Hybris Commerce can deliver a personalized experience during online shopping and SAP Hybris Marketing delivers a fully automated marketing platform but to effectively use that information a third component is required - analytics.

Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions Group, a digital transformation consultancy, will discuss how combining automated marketing, personalized e-commerce, and predictive analytic modeling can generate more revenue for companies than ever before. We will cover how the combination of data, strategy, and automation will generate more sales, deliver the right offers to the right customer, and increase customer cart size.

Automated Non regression Testing Solution for SAP BusinessObjects

Automated Non regression Testing Solution for SAP BusinessObjects

You've developed and come to rely on SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports. Some are simply to manage your business processes, some are ad-hoc in nature, and some are federally regulated reports. When changes are made to a production environment (i.e. Universes are modified or you've migrated from one version to another) how do you ensure that all your reports still "run as expected" and provide the same results? Often times this is done manually by having testers open up reports side by side from both systems and comparing them. Back in the day I used to hold up copies of the report (on top of one another) against a window to spot the differences. We didn't have much choice and these techniques are prone to error (and take a huge amount of time).

In this webinar we are going to show you how to take the "manual" out of regression testing your Web Intelligence reports with GB&Smith's 360Bind. 360Bind lets the computer do the work; perfect comparisons and highly effective (imagine, verify all your reports, not just some)!

We will also discuss:

  • The challenge of manual regression testing
  • The benefits of using 360Bind
  • Review 360Bind use cases
  • And demonstrate key features

Creating a Complete B2B Experience Beyond the Cart!

Creating a Complete B2B Experience Beyond the Cart!

With the current environment limiting the amount of face to face selling, B2B companies need to find a way to engage clients. Too often attention is only paid to the act of "buying" or filling the cart, where in reality companies need to engage with clients throughout the entire buying journey.

Featured at the B2B Online Virtual Event, Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions Group, talks about how the right combination of technology can enable the full buying cycle, not just commerce, enabling companies to digitally interact with customers and drive revenue in new ways.

Takeaways from this video include:

  • Better understanding of the digital transformation required across the entire customer journey
  • Key strategies every B2B business should be doing beyond the "cart"
  • How you can leverage data and digital experiences to enable the virtuous cycle of e-commerce

Patient Engagement Portal Demonstration

Patient Engagement Portal Demonstration

Our portal drives and builds patient engagement by providing a seamless, branded, and customized experience for patients on both traditional desktop and mobile devices. Leveraging the power of the Patient Engagement Platform can help hospitals meet measures relating to the Meaningful Use stages, optimize relationships with clients, and improve patient outcomes as well as offer convenient avenues for provider-patient communications.

Portal features can include:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) to multiple EMR and Lab Systems
  • eVisit / remote telemedicine integration with online payment
  • Core Interaction Features
  • View test results from multiple lab systems in a single view
  • Schedule appointments through a unified calendar
  • View and track health-related information including Medical Issues, Allergies and Current Medications
  • Download and Complete Medical Forms
  • Check Insurance Benefits and Coverage
  • View Bills and Make Payments
  • Preventive Care Portal
  • Provide targeted information to patients based on patient-specific conditions
  • Patient Education with Targeted Content
  • Drug Side-Effect Tracking portal

Contact Dunn Solutions today to see how we can help your healthcare organization reach its goals for patient health and engagement by emailing us at

Deliver Complex B2B E commerce Features to your Customers

Deliver Complex B2B E commerce Features to your Customers

B2B consumers in today's digital age are demanding e-commerce experiences similar to B2C e-commerce. According to Forrester's Research "B-to-B e-commerce sales in the U.S. will hit $780 billion this year, and will continue its growth trajectory to reach $1.13 trillion in 2020." This presents a large opportunity to for B2B companies – given they leverage the right technology to work smarter, not harder. 

Today, technologies tame B2B complexities by consolidating management of multiple business models, channels and markets, and enabling B2B organizations to accommodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores on a single platform. Some of the business challenges that can be addressed include: 

- Individualized Company Pricing 
- Online Quote Negotiation 
- Integrated Self-Service Management 
In this webinar we will present how addressing these challenges give B2B companies a leg up in the e-commerce realm as well as discuss how your company can address these challenges.

Solving Common B2B e-Commerce SEO Challenges

Solving Common B2B e-Commerce SEO Challenges

The biggest problem and biggest opportunity your business has today is that B2B buyers expect you to make shopping easy for them, they expect a B2B shopping experience as accessible as their B2C shopping experiences are. B2B brands have to rise to that challenge by delivering search optimized shopping journeys that match those the B2C space offers. That isn't bad news. B2B organizations typically know more about their consumers than B2C concerns, which means it's easier for them to a) infer intent from search phrases or on page behavior and b) deliver the relevant content higher search rankings are increasingly dependent on. 
Higher rankings in the B2B market space can actually be achieved using certain B2C SEO tactics. In fact, there are at least three commonly overlooked tactics that if correctly deployed can elevate your search results. Not surprisingly, each of these factors is rooted in B2C marketing tactics but customized for a B2B audience. 
Nail B2B e-Commerce SEO with … 
 Digital Asset Optimization 
 Social Media Optimization 
 Rich Snippets and Structured Markup 
During this webinar we'll introduce you to the applicability of SEO to B2B e-commerce concerns and demonstrate how by incorporate the above tactics into your marketing plan you can surpass even your strongest competitors. 

What's new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 - Platform, Web Intelligence & IDT

What's new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 - Platform, Web Intelligence & IDT

SAP released the latest version of their business intelligence platform, SAP BusinessObjects in the spring of 2016. This webinar will cover many of the updates and new features added to version 4.2. 

Changes to the BI Platform 
• BI Administrator's Cockpit – a dashboard view of BI environment 
• Recycle Bin – recover reports from the Central Management Console 
• User Notification – schedule a message to users without tying it to a report 
• Upgrade Manager updates – select reports to upgrade based on date 
• Changes to the installation process – split installation for less downtime 


Additions to Web Intelligence 
• Direct connections to SAP HANA – no need to use a universe to connect to HANA 
• Parallel Queries – run queries in parallel to save time 
• Null Values – allow users to select NULL from a combo box instead of have to write a complex filter 
• Big Numbers – increased precision 
• Geo Maps for the browser and rich client – works like Lumira, no tricks involved 
• Comments – leave and view comments 
• Shared Elements – save parts of a document into the launch pad to use in other documents 


Additions to the Information Design Tool 
• Linked Universes – connect universes that share a connection 
• BEx Universes – generate universes from a BEx query 

Join us and learn how the new features in SAP BusinessObjects can help improve your administration and reporting.

Is the security of your marketing site hurting your SEO?

Is the security of your marketing site hurting your SEO?

Is the security of your marketing site hurting your SEO?

Google gives search ranking advantage to marketing sites that are secure (via HTTPS). Right now, about 34% of the first page search results are secured – is your company's result there?

Many business users are over-looking this advantage when tackling their SEO strategy.

However, if done improperly, switching from a non-secured to a secured marketing site can easily negate SEO efforts. Join us in this webinar and learn why this change matters to your company and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Our SEO Consultant, Dirk Lester, will discuss:

What it means to have a "secure" site

Google's strategy for secure sites

SEO advantages of switching

 How to address common issues when switching to a secure site

Learn how to use your Big Data in Real Time

Learn how to use your Big Data in Real Time

Processing Big Data in real-time yields huge benefit. Whether you are trying to recommend a specific product, identify potential capacity issues or even offer up the right price - doing it in real-time is a game changer.

Using a telecommunications case study, we will show how they handle large data volumes of call detail records in real-time to predict issues, to ensure that service is not interrupted. 

Our webinar includes a demonstration using the following cloud-based technologies to get it done:

Cloud Analytics

MS Azure Event Hub


Spark Streaming

Join us and see how you can set up an agile and scalable infrastructure in MS Azure to solve real-time Big Data challenges!

Extending your Enterprise Data Warehouse to the Cloud

Extending your Enterprise Data Warehouse to the Cloud

The current data revolution brings more challenges to the traditional data warehouse. Database size, load and query performance demand keep increasing with no end in sight. Demand also fluctuates; should you size for normal demand or peak demand? The cost and effort associated with meeting these challenges lays a huge burden on your organizations infrastructure.

Is your enterprise data warehouse facing the following challenges?

Fluctuating workload demands

Increasing data volumes

Performance issues at peak usages time

Difficulties in scaling out databases

If you are dealing with these issues, Dunn Solutions Group can help you resolve them with Microsoft's cloud-based Azure solutions. Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse is an elastic cloud-based solution that will enable your organization to manage these challenges. Tune in to this webinar series to learn how Dunn Solutions Group can help your organization use Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse to address demands.

In our first webinar of the series, we explore how to extend your enterprise data warehouse to the Microsoft Azure Data Platform. We will cover:

Replace existing application database to SQL Azure database

Migrate existing on premise data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Migrate SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS to Virtual machine

Visualize data in Power BI

What's New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 & SP3

What's New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 & SP3

What's new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 with SP3 - Platform, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence & IDT

This is the second installment of our webinar series on the SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 Platform. SAP released the latest version of their business intelligence platform in the spring of 2016. Recently they released Support Pack 3. In this webinar we will cover many of the updates and new features added to version 4.2 and the new Support Pack 3.

We will look at:

-Changes to the BI Platform; including the BI Admin Cockpit, the new Recycle Bin, Upgrade manager updates, and changes to the installation process.

-Enhancements to Web Intelligence; synchronizing features between HTML modes and JAVA modes, direct connection to SAP HANA, one of our favorites- parallel queries, cascading input controls, geo-maps, in document comments, and much more

-Enhancements to Crystal Reports

-New functionality for the Information Design Tool; BI Sets, CMS Repository driver, BEx Universes, and welcome back – Linked Universes

Join us and learn how the new features in SAP BusinessObjects can help improve your administration and reporting.

Big Data in Real Time Part 2

Big Data in Real Time Part 2

This webinar is part 2 of our previous webinar Big Data in Real time. It is no longer an option, organizations must process Big Data in real time to gain fast, up-to-date insights in order to make timely decision. Join us for this webinar and see how you can use MS Azure Big Data technologies to capture and process real time Big Data in motion. 

We will cover: 
• Why organizations need to have a data in motion strategy 
• Trends in big data and fast data 
• How to achieve high throughput, low-latency, and fault-tolerant streaming analytics 
• How business value is preserved and enhanced using Real-time streaming analytics 

Using MS Azure big data tools, we will demonstrate how to detect and report mobile SIM card fraudulence in real time. Join us and learn how Dunn Solution Group Consultants can help you to take actions on your real time Big Data.

What's new in Liferay DXP?

What's new in Liferay DXP?

Liferay DXP is here! This new platform has been redesigned to allow companies to stay connected to their consumers across all touchpoints, and deliver consistent experiences easily for both the consumer and the business user. Built on the OSGi framework, the Digital Transformation Platform (DXP) offers a secure, scalable and modular foundation to offer a personalized digital experience. In this webinar, we will discuss many of the new features that can be found in Liferay DXP.

We will also be going over what OSGi is and why it is relevant to the Liferay Framework.

- Changes to portal configurations

- Changes in creating web content

- New Features including Liferay Forms and Social Notifications

- Understanding what OSGI is

Join our webinar and find out what to expect from this new Digital Experience Platform by Liferay

Azure Data Platform Series 2: A Data Lake is not just another Data Warehouse

Azure Data Platform Series 2: A Data Lake is not just another Data Warehouse

Lately you have been hearing about Data Lakes.  Some say the Data Lake is the reincarnation of the data warehouse. Others say the Data Lake is an improvement on the Data Warehouse. Others say it is not a Data Lake at all, it's a Data Swamp! 
This webinar, part of our Azure Data Platform series, will demystify the Data Lake.  We will explain what the differences between Data Warehouses and Data Lakes. We will investigate how each is designed for a different purpose and how we can/should use each for what it is designed for.
In addition to demystifying the Data Lake, we will also:
•    Explain the core benefits of the Data Lake
•    How the Data Lake participates in the Enterprise Data Warehouse
•    Identify the business value a Data Lake brings to the enterprise.
In our webinar we will also demonstrate how to fill the Data Lake with data from various sources including; relational databases, data streams, and unstructured files using the Microsoft Azure Data Lake. With the Data Lake filled, we will demonstrate how it can source your existing Data Warehouse and be used by data scientist or your data discovery team for research and analytics.

Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

One stop shopping for advanced analytics; SAP BusinessObjects Cloud lets you discover, visualize, plan, and predict in a single product. There is no need to jump between various applications to get this accomplished. The SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is natively built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and it safeguards your data and leverages the power of in-memory computing to provide real-time SaaS BI.

BusinessObjects Cloud offers a completely in-the-cloud analytics solution. All analytics are created and developed within a web browser. In this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate the following:

- SAP BusinessObjects Cloud environment overview

- Business Intelligence capability

- Predictive capability

- Planning capability

- Demonstration: From Data to Story: Building Visualizations in the Cloud

How to get the most from your SEO Audit

How to get the most from your SEO Audit

Having an SEO professional audit your website from time to time isn't something you should do. It's something you need to do. You already know that building and maintaining a robust online presence is important, that's why you've devoted so much time and energy to developing your website, but having a working website isn't necessarily synonymous with having robust presence online. You can have a website that's perfectly functional in a wide variety of critically important ways and still have one desperately in need of a few search visibility focused updates. You may not need a full blown search engine optimization strategy, but then again you may; and the best way to find out is by having a professional do an SEO audit. 

Join us and we'll walk you through … 

  • How an SEO Audit Will Help Your Business 
  • What You'll Get in Your SEO Audit 
  • How to Put Your Completed SEO Audit to Use 
Getting an SEO audit of your site could reveal harsh truths or simply strengths you'll want to build on. During this webinar we'll discuss how having an SEO audit performed on your site can offer you insights you've never thought to look for. 

Data Lakes and your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Data Lakes and your Enterprise Data Warehouse

Are you confounded by the term "Data Lake"? With all of the technology buzzwords flying around today, it can become a task to keep up with and clearly understand each of them. However a data lake is definitely something to dedicate the time to understand. 

Leveraging data lake technology, companies are finally able to keep all of their disparate information and streams of data in one secure location ready for consumption at any time – this includes structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. 

Come, join us to learn what this technology means for your Enterprise Data Warehouse. This webinar will discuss: 

-What is the difference between a data lake and a data warehouse? 

-Does a data lake replace my data warehouse? 

-Best Practices for building and managing a data lake

Data Lakes: Getting Business Users the Data they Need

Data Lakes: Getting Business Users the Data they Need

The Data Lake is more a concept than a technology. Taking technology out of the discussion, the data lake is a repository of just-in-time, real time and historical data that is available to business users that needs it. Why do we need this? Because in order to survive (let alone, excel), an organization needs access to information so that it can measure progress, plan for growth, and react to its environment. With data residing in POS systems, operational data stores, data warehouses, social streams, on the internet and in sensors how can anyone hope to have access to what they need? 

That's where the data lake comes in. In order to meet business demands, the data lake must: 

- Capture data from a wide range of sources 

- Allow for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data (video, IoT, social streams, etc) 

- Allow access to all this information in one place by the persons that need it 

- Allow for the use of advanced algorithms for data mining, pattern matching and predictive modeling 

- Support the enterprise data warehouse (where highly processed information lives) 

- Support data driven applications 

In this presentation we will discuss how the data lake is an integral part of your data eco-system and how it helps to address the many challenges that an organization faces when trying to satisfy the voracious appetite of its many user personas.

Are you achieving an optimal Liferay digital experience?

Are you achieving an optimal Liferay digital experience?

To survive in the digital eco-system with competitors today it is crucial to have a great digital experience on your Liferay portal. After all of the time and energy of creating a beautiful and streamlined portal – how do KNOW that your consumers are actually having the experience you tried to create? Are page load speeds satisfactory? Are there page errors? Having trouble in mobile view? In most cases, if your consumers aren't able to have a successful experience on your site they will leave in silence and not come back…but even worse, they can leave poor reviews and feedback that certainly travels.

The new Liferay digital experience isn't all about the pages created and the content delivered – it's about the entire journey through the site from start to finish. With Dynatrace's Application Performance Monitoring capability, you are now able to have a singular view of all portal activity including that of third party vendors - to make sure you are delivering the optimal digital experience.

In this webinar we will discuss:

- How to monitor and track your customer journey and to provide insights in real time

- Understand customer experiences, conversion rates and problems that affect brand value across digital channels

- How immediately isolating performance problems to the correct layer by tracking user visits across back-end tiers

Driving Advanced Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Driving Advanced Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Marketers need data to successfully execute marketing initiatives. Luckily, having enough data is no longer an issue. Organizations have more data than ever before, and given the latest trends, have more data than they may be able to handle! Effectively using all this information makes the difference between "getting the same results as before" or "crushing past performance". Leveraging modern Predictive Analytics technology will ensure the latter.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how a marketer (not a data scientist) can use SAP's Predictive Analytics to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign. We will follow the approaches of three marketers in a hypothetical company called Acme Lawn Services and see who made the most of the information available to them!

In this webinar you will discover how:

- How marketers can leverage the masses of data gathered from all sources

- Predictive Analytics can triple company profit

- Marketers are able to employ advanced predictive analytics without the need of a data scientist