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Data Warehouse Series: Secrets & Magic in the Back Room

The fifth presentation in our Data Warehouse Series explores the "Back Room", where source data undergoes preparation for "Front Room" consumption. In order to fully understand the data warehouse lifecycle, we must spend time understanding key Back Room processes and techniques, the most time consuming portion of any data warehouse project.

Our one-hour presentation features:

  • Data Profiling
  • Change Data Capture
  • The Staging Area
  • Data Cleansing and Conforming
  • Meta Data

The Customer Journey Series: Awareness and Consideration

In this first episode of our four-part series, we will introduce you to the first stage in the customer journey, Awareness and Consideration.

Dunn Solutions' Lead Data Scientist, Francesco Sguanci discusses in this episode:

  • The many different ways machine learning solutions can be applied to the Awareness and Consideration stage.
  • How to quantify and improve your marketing mix at the pre-purchase period.
  • Customer case study on marketing mix optimization.
  • Demo on budget reallocation and profit maximization.

Make More By Optimizing Your Discount Strategy

Discounting is often used in any consumer-based business. From winning back abandoned customers to maximizing profits after a successful sales season, discounting is a powerful technique. How do you know what products to discount, when to discount, and how much? Often times (and it's scary to think) that these decisions are being made using gut-feel and randomness. If you are not careful, these decisions may end up costing your organization tens of thousands of dollars.

The first step to more intelligent discounting is to determine the reason why you are discounting. The three most common motives to price reduction are to receive short term cash flow, get rid of your inventory, or to compete with rival companies Regardless of the motive, you want to make sure you are discounting optimally.

In this webinar you will learn:

• What you should be aware of before you start discounting

• Understand short-term and long-term effect of discounting on overall sales

• How to use predictive analytics to create your own optimal pricing strategy

Using Machine Learning For Pricing Optimization in a B2B Setting

B2B sellers can charge their customers different prices for the same products, and often can even change the price from one purchase to another with little notice. Obviously, this kind of "price discrimination" creates plenty of opportunities to increase short-term profit. However, it can negatively impact the development of trust needed to establish a long-term relationship with buyers. For this reason, a good statistical methodology should be able to predict the short-term impact of pricing as well as the long term effects of pricing decisions.

B2B pricing decisions differ substantially from those within the business-to-consumer (B2C) market because of the high complexity of the business transactions, where the customer needs to make several-interrelated decisions, and the salesperson needs to be able to "read" the customer mindset before generating a quote.

At Dunn Solutions, we realized that it is this complexity that creates tremendous potential for increasing profits by leveraging machine learning.

This video shows how machine learning can be leveraged to accurately model all these interdependent decisions and maximize profit in B2B!

How to Gain Business Insight with SAP Analytics Cloud

Slicing and dicing through data in Excel or your favorite "cool" visualization tool is a popular way of getting descriptive analytics. But it's really just digging through data to get a sense of what happened in the past. We're not saying it does not have value, we're saying it does not provide real insight.

In this presentation, we will show you how to take you from descriptive analytics to more insightful business analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud goes well beyond most BI tools by including machine learning to provide deeper insight. In this webinar, we will show you how to get more business insight with SAP Analytics Cloud using:

  • Smart Insights
  • Smart Discovery
  • Search to Insight

So, let Dunn Solutions show you how you can maximize your data to get business insight!

Add True Content Management to BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the market leading B2B and B2C commerce platform available today – but the complete solution is a combination of both content and commerce! Typically, BigCommerce customers need to edit content quickly and easily, manage workflows and permissions, support multi-language translations and personalize content to different audiences.

Dunn Solutions and e-Spirit deliver an integrated Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which creates a powerful and seamless journey from content to commerce for your customers. In our webinar, we will demonstrate how the FirstSpirit DXP platform offers you intuitive, easy to use editing tools for all desired touchpoints and enterprise CMS capabilities that include:

• Workflow, rights and roles management

• Multi-site and multi-language translations

• Content Localization and personalization

• Publication into multiple target systems

Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions and Michael Gerard, CMO of e-Spirit will discuss the content management features and benefits that the FirstSpirit DXP platform can bring to BigCommerce customers.

SAP Marketing and Commerce: The Complete E-Commerce Solution

In order to deliver a complete e-commerce solution, you need a marketing automation platform that enables you to send to your customers highly personalized communications and promotions that drive them to your site. By leveraging an intuitive, properly set up marketing automation platform that integrates with your e-commerce site you will give your customers a better customer experience and optimize your ROI.

SAP Marketing Cloud is one of the most robust and highly customizable options on the market today. In this video, you will learn:

  • The importance of Marketing Automation for both B2C and B2B commerce in today's frictionless market.
  • How you can fully customize a prospect's experience utilizing SAP Marketing Cloud's scoring builder and dynamic segmentation.
  • To quickly create customized content for landing pages & e-mails.
  • How to dynamically move people in and out of drip campaigns based on interactions/scores.

Creating a Complete B2B Experience Beyond the Cart!

With the current environment limiting the amount of face to face selling, B2B companies need to find a way to engage clients. Too often attention is only paid to the act of "buying" or filling the cart, where in reality companies need to engage with clients throughout the entire buying journey.

Featured at the B2B Online Virtual Event, Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions Group, talks about how the right combination of technology can enable the full buying cycle, not just commerce, enabling companies to digitally interact with customers and drive revenue in new ways.

Takeaways from this video include:

  • Better understanding of the digital transformation required across the entire customer journey
  • Key strategies every B2B business should be doing beyond the "cart"
  • How you can leverage data and digital experiences to enable the virtuous cycle of e-commerce

Machine Learning and Marketing: What Does it All Mean?

In this video from the WI Marketing Summit, Bill Dunn introduces the topic of machine learning and how its many different applications can bring real value to your marketing when properly implemented.

Bill discusses practical use cases and cited examples of clients who have seen significant improvements in MROI, revenue growth and cost savings due to their use of machine learning.

The Customer Journey Series: Acquisition

In the second episode of our four-part series, we're covering the second stage in the customer journey, Acquisition!

Dunn Solutions' Lead Data Scientist, Francesco Sguanci discusses:

  • How machine learning can be applied to the Acquisition stage
  • How to Go After the "Right" Prospects
  • Customer case study on Customer Lifetime Value with help from the Ceteris Paribus Fairy

The Customer Journey Series: Loyalty and Advocacy

In the final episode of our four-part series, we will introduce you to the final stage in the customer journey, Loyalty and Advocacy.

Dunn Solutions' Lead Data Scientist, Francesco Sguanci discusses in this episode:

  • The value machine learning solutions can bring to the Loyalty and Advocacy stage
  • Case study on the connection between customer lifetime value and market basket analysis
  • Building a recommendation engine to effectively cross-sell and up-sell to your customers and increase the basket size.

Using Amazon SageMaker in the Cloud for Machine Learning

Since it was released, Amazon SageMaker has shown it can drastically reduce a data scientist's time and cost of implementing enterprise ML projects into production systems. Over the past year, SageMaker has released other features to enhance the performance and capabilities of this service for a variety of ML use cases.

Features such as SageMaker Experiments, AutoPilot, and Ground Truth offer a quick and straightforward way to get reasonable models developed, trained, and deployed. Other features such as Script Mode, Pipe Mode, and Inference Pipelines give the data scientist more flexibility to fine-tune their ML process. These recent changes to SageMaker accommodate both the newer data scientist who might be starting their first ML project and the experienced one who is looking to optimize their workflow further. With all of these new features and capabilities, no time is better to start using SageMaker than right now.

In this webinar, we will:

• Give you a quick high-level overview of the functionality and capabilities of SageMaker

• Introduce important new features such as Script Mode, AutoPilot, Experiments etc.

• Go through a SageMaker demo that shows how these features can be used together in a ML ecommerce business scenario

• Give some useful tips to get the most out of these new features

Predictive Analytics for E-Commerce Success

At the North America Holiday E-Commerce Summit, Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions discussed how machine learning and predictive analytics can increase your profits and how data from your web site, ERP and CRM can be used to create personalized customer analytics which will supercharge your marketing efforts.

The topics of his presentation included:

  • Customer Retention
  • Price Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Trigger Based Marketing
  • Personalized Shopping Experiences

Easy SAP BusinessObjects Administration: Manage, Audit, Document with 360View

SAP BusinessObjects administration (despite improvements in the BI4 release) is challenging, especially for companies with a large number of end users. Keeping up with the demand of day-to-day administration can quickly become overwhelming and demand more resources.

Admins can now more efficiently manage, audit and document in their own environment using 360view, an affordable and easy-to-use enhancement tool for BusinessObjects. 360view is SAP Certified for integration with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (R2 and 3.x) and SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.

360view allows Admins to:

  • Manage your SAP BusinessObjects security
  • Explore and query your BO CMS in real-time
  • Maintain control over your BO deployment
  • 360view also offers additional modules for better management of reports, metadata, backup & recovery and migrations.

Our webinar explores the 360 Suite modules, important tools for effective SAP BusinessObjects administration

Best Practices in Responsive Web Design

Mashable calls 2013 "The Year of Responsive Web Design." Did you know that by 2014 mobile internet is predicted to take over desktop internet usage (Microsoft Tag, 2012)? How will companies accommodate this new mobile majority? Separate websites for device types? Complicated coding to detect device type? Individual mobile apps?

Smart companies will likely end up using a practice called Responsive Web Design to create their websites. Responsive Web Design is becoming common practice for web developers- view this presentation to learn exactly how it's done! We talk about the challenges the rapid shift to mobile browsing is creating and best practices of developing a website that reaches visitors across all devices.

Best Practices for Developing and Deploying Mobile Apps in an Enterprise Environment

Mobile applications have successfully evolved from the gaming and consumer market into business tools helping organizations improve their processes and gain an edge on the competition. Mobile applications for business organizations are inherently more complex and present unique challenges.

This one-hour presentation features best practices for developing and deploying mobile applications in an enterprise environment. We'll discuss mobile application design and take a look at how today's leading organizations are creatively using mobile apps to exchange powerful real-time information with their teams, anytime, anywhere.

We'll explore some of the complexities of deploying in enterprise environments including:

  • Security
  • Integration to back end systems
  • Middleware
  • Deploying to multiple platforms

We'll also discuss designing native apps vs. HTML5 and we'll take a look at Sybase Unwired Platform, an affordable technology for cross platform development.

Building Mobile Data Collection Applications

Today's most innovative companies are utilizing mobile applications for data collection to enable sales, marketing and trade representatives out in the field. These companies are collecting inventory, medical, survey, incident and project data at off-site locations for immediate submittal, processing and analysis. Dunn Solutions Group has developed an affordable data collection solution that utilizes an existing framework to customize a self service end product for your company.

This one-hour webinar explores our Mobile Data Collection Framework which features a user friendly interface to design, capture and synthesize data from the field. The customized mobile applications are designed using drag and drop capabilities to build forms that feature various types of data, and can even collect information such as GPS coordinates to then map the data.

View this presentation  to learn how your company can creatively leverage data from the field to increase performance, sales and customer satisfaction!

Learn how to create a smart cycle of engagement to drive revenue with SAP Hybris

SAP's Hybris Commerce can deliver a personalized experience during online shopping and SAP Hybris Marketing delivers a fully automated marketing platform but to effectively use that information a third component is required - analytics.

Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions Group, a digital transformation consultancy, will discuss how combining automated marketing, personalized e-commerce, and predictive analytic modeling can generate more revenue for companies than ever before. We will cover how the combination of data, strategy, and automation will generate more sales, deliver the right offers to the right customer, and increase customer cart size.

Leveraging 360 Suite to Better Manage and Migrate SAP BI Environments

When it comes to administering an SAP BI environment, 360Suite gives you peace of mind. SAP BI administration is challenging, especially for companies with a large number of end users. Keeping up with the demand of day-to-day administration can quickly become overwhelming and demand more resources. If you are an SAP BI/BOBJ platform administrator, 360Suite is the perfect tool for you! If your organization is getting ready for a BOBJ upgrade, don't do it without the 360 Suite. It will make the migration go smoother, by allowing you to easily compare migrated system to the original system.

In this webinar we will explore some of the top features of the 360Suite Platform including the security matrix, recycle bins and content promotion. 

We will also discuss how Admins can now more efficiently manage migrations by: 

-Administering security 

-Conducting regression testing 

-Promoting content safely between your Development, Test and Production Environments

Admins can now more efficiently manage their own environment using 360Suite, an affordable and easy-to-use enhancement tool for SAP BI/BOBJ. Interested in learning more?

Automated Non regression Testing Solution for SAP BusinessObjects

You've developed and come to rely on SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports. Some are simply to manage your business processes, some are ad-hoc in nature, and some are federally regulated reports. When changes are made to a production environment (i.e. Universes are modified or you've migrated from one version to another) how do you ensure that all your reports still "run as expected" and provide the same results? Often times this is done manually by having testers open up reports side by side from both systems and comparing them. Back in the day I used to hold up copies of the report (on top of one another) against a window to spot the differences. We didn't have much choice and these techniques are prone to error (and take a huge amount of time).

In this webinar we are going to show you how to take the "manual" out of regression testing your Web Intelligence reports with GB&Smith's 360Bind. 360Bind lets the computer do the work; perfect comparisons and highly effective (imagine, verify all your reports, not just some)!

We will also discuss:

  • The challenge of manual regression testing
  • The benefits of using 360Bind
  • Review 360Bind use cases
  • And demonstrate key features