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Marketing Mix ROI Assessment

Marketers use multiple channels to engage with customers - digital, radio, TV, print, billboard, and even direct mail. But - how do you know which channel is actually driving your sales - and how much budget you should allocate to each? Sometimes adding additional budget does not result in any additional sales.

Dunn Solutions Marketing Analytics experts can work with you to optimize how you allocate your marketing budget between different channels. The first step is to have us work together on a Marketing Mix Analytics ROI Assessment.

During this two hour no charge assessment we will review the following:

  • Your sales and marketing data
  • Your marketing spend
  • Your marketing channels
  • Your marketing goals
  • Your sales goals

From these discussions and from reviewing at least one year's worth of your sales and marketing data we will do an exploratory data analysis. From this analysis we provide you with:

  • A descriptive analytical summary of your historical data and the current state of your marketing
  • Insight into how we use your data to create predictive models and make marketing recommendations 
  • A range of achievable ROI you can expect from optimizing your marketing mix spend

Dunn Solutions' Marketing Mix experts have decades of experience analyzing data and providing actionable insights to customers that have led to significant increases in their marketing ROI.

Interested in learning more?  Fill out the form to the right to schedule your assessment!

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