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SAP Commerce Cloud Consulting and Services


SAP Commerce Cloud is a leading B2B e-commerce platform that suits every type of B2B e-commerce business. Dunn Solutions' Platinum Certified SAP Commerce Cloud development and strategy team will help you get your e-commerce strategy off the ground and transform the way you interact and engage with your customers digitally.

Why Dunn Solutions and SAP Commerce Cloud?

Dunn Solutions leverages SAP Commerce Cloud's highly customizable platform to automate even your most complex B2B processes.

As a Platinum SAP partner, Dunn Solutions has decades of experience developing and delivering flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Fully implemented commerce site includes:

  • ERP Integration
  • Customer Self-Service Account Management
  • Multi-store
  • Custom Catalogs
  • Tier based pricing
  • Custom Contract Management
  • Credit Management
  • Punch-Out Support

Automate your unique sales processes using SAP Commerce Cloud while still offering your customers high touch service

Custom Tailored SAP Commerce Cloud E-commerce Consulting For:

  • Distributors

  • Manufacturers

  • Wholesalers

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  • Introductory exploration around your current sales processes
  • Review of what is required to begin your digital transformation
  • The "art of the possible" – how Dunn Solutions can guide you to a successful B2B E-Commerce implementation
2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce:
SAP is named a Leader

Important B2B e‑commerce Functionalities for Your e‑commerce Site

Our e‑commerce solutions allow customers to set up their own organizational structure, with appropriate approvals, on the e‑commerce site. This is a value add to customers and lets them feel confident that they are in control of orders placed by their employees on the site.
Ordering in the B2B world is often far more complex than a traditional consumer site. There can be quoting processes, vendor and company approvals, customer acceptance or rejection, all of which is very difficult to facilitate with most B2C platforms. Our B2B e‑commerce Solutions create the processes for organizations so there is no custom coding or help from IT – making this typically very manual process – automated!
Often times, B2B companies may have different price catalogs for different size customers or different pricing based on quantity. This can provide a large obstacle when approaching B2B e‑commerce because quotes need to be very customized. Typically, sales teams are heavily involved in the process of getting customers the quote for the products they need – proving to be very time and labor intensive. Our B2B e‑commerce solutions take the time and labor away from this scenario for organizations by automating the custom quoting process for customers and sales teams alike.
B2B companies typically have some customers that can only see a sub-set of the total available catalog. Our B2B e‑commerce Solutions accommodate this model of catalog management so that customers may see exactly what they need – and none of what they don't. With our solution, we are able to restrict certain products from users and users group, as well as create multiple product catalogs for various B2B customers' right out of the box.
In B2B commerce, one price does not fit all. Some organizations have different pricing for many different customers and this should not be a hindrance in offering customers the online commerce experience they demand. Our B2B e‑commerce solutions are built to accommodate the many different pricing models required for different clients. This creates a highly personalized and easy to use buying experience when it comes time for companies to replenish orders and accommodate the budget.
Our e‑commerce experts deliver B2B solutions that make the buying process easier for everyone involved – as there can be many levels of approval in B2B environments. Punch-Out-ready B2B sites allow a buyer to shop a supplier's online catalog and save the cart as a requisition in the buyer's procurement system for approval. This is a purely B2B feature that comes out-of-the-box with our B2B e‑commerce solutions which integrate with any systems our clients may work, to make product procurement by customers as smooth as possible.