Search Engine Optimization

Dunn Solutions' Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages break your needs down into manageable and understandable solutions, pieces that allow you to see which rankings boosting tools are being deployed on your behalf and why they're important to your search placement—specifically.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Dunn's SEO process means that you won't be buying one size fits all SEO, but rather a search optimization package that's been customized to fit your business.

With the Dunn Solutions SEO experts as your digital presence partners we build the optimal SEO environment so that customers find you before your competitor. We manage this process with you in several phases that will be dictated by your business needs to compliment your portal and e-commerce projects.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Dunn Solutions SEO experts take hold of the vast array of local listings attached to your brand, enhance, optimize them and transform them—taking potential time bombs and creating an invaluable chain of off-page online marketing assets. Dunn Solutions' Local Search Optimization services provide you with the tools to make sure your brand is accurately and effectively represented in local business spaces and rankings based on results drawn from a wide range of social media platforms. We'll review, adjust, and claim your local search and business profile listings, take control of your online reputation, aim additional traffic at your primary website then provide detailed analytics and reporting on the results. Our local search optimization services will give you the power to present your brand in the way you want future prospects or existing customers to encounter it.

Everything the Dunn Solutions SEO Team will do to improve your businesses position within Local Search will be based on our understanding of a simple but underappreciated rankings factor…Trust. To build the trust that improving your local rankings will depend on, our SEO consultants will:

  • Optimize Your Primary Local Listings 
  • Clean Up and Building NAP Citations

We understand local search marketing can be daunting and we understand that every business has its own goals and needs. Whether you're just starting out online or have an established online presence or are looking for customizable Local Search Optimization services that meet your needs, our SEO consultants will work with you to create an ideal mix of product and services to meet your specific needs.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

You've probably heard that "Content is King," but that isn't a 100% accurate.  The truth is that relevant and search friendly content is king - and there is a difference. Making sure your website's content is search friendly is a crucial, but tricky process. Search optimization means redesigning and redeploying your site's user targeted digital assets so that they're more likely to make consumers and search engines happy simultaneously. To Google the key is being able to attract trust and authority while strategically deploying relevant key phrases. That may sound like an impossibly daunting balancing act, but it's where Dunn Solution's SEO copywriting and digital asset optimization expertise comes in.

Our SEO specialists will work with your writers to develop an optimized copy strategy that meets your needs. If you don't have the resources in house or have never employed a digital copywriter, we'll produce a search engine friendliness focused "refresh" of your current website copy that meets search engine's content quality demands. Our experts also go beyond that because your site's optimizable content doesn't end with the written world. In addition, our team will optimize non-text digital assets including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, image galleries, audio files and/or videos on your website, to bolster your rankings.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

How many pages link back to yours? How popular are the pages where those links appear? How socially trusted are they? Has the anchor text linking back to your site been overtly constructed or does it appear to be organic?

Factors like those are on the lists of elements Google weighs as it decides how to rank your site based on the value flowing into it. You can have a site with optimized code, Meta tags, URL's and search friendly copy besides; but if there are no links pointing at it—signaling that you're an "authority" in your online space, and further or if there are no social signals saying you're a "trusted" online authority; Google will decide that your website isn't a reliable enough as a resource to move to the top of its search results.

To solve that problem, Dunn Solutions SEO team will determine where your current links are coming from and identify possibilities for improvement, while seeking out opportunities and suitable venues for our organic link-building efforts.

Not so long ago, building the backlinks you need for better rankings was a relatively simple process. You could buy them or plant them in sites known as Link Farms. But today Google penalizes websites that have paid for links or have links from the aforementioned link farms by lowering their rankings or removing them from searches entirely.  Those penalties have narrowed your link building options but two that remain are the most reputable options … Local and Social Links.

Our SEO Consultants will both help you optimize shareable, backlink anchored content and build the social platforms that will maximize the value and exposure of those links. Our experts also work to ensure that your existing business listings include backlinks with well optimized anchors and that your organization appears in every applicable listings network. Together, these tactics will grow your rankings and expand your visibility.

SEO Copywriting and DAO Services

Traditionally, SEO copywriting has been about optimizing page copy with targeted keywords and phrases in specific frequencies and densities.  But our search engine research shows that the major factors that determine how well your pages are ranked by a search engine are based on things that happen off page.  While keyword research is still crucial, Google's algorithm has evolved.  It treats the social signals accrued by your website, how often and where others share your content, and the terms they use to describe it in the backlinks as important indicators of quality and relevance.

Having landing page copy that's optimized both for search and for social sharing will be essential to your organization's SEO success.  Our experts leverage SEO copywriting best practices to ensure that off-page content supports your websites messaging and efforts in achieving high organic rankings. Dunn Solutions' SEO experts ensure that your site's content doesnt begin and end with a few words on your landing pages.

Our SEO experts leverage Digital Asset Optimization (DAO) to ensure Google's algorithm accurately assesses your website's digital assets - images, videos, audio files, power point presentations and .pdfs. Digital assets can go completely unseen by Google unless properly optimized – greatly diminishing the value of the content in organic SEO results. Our DAO efforts enrich your content with search friendly HTML and metadata. It leverages Google's ability to read and return search results based on contextual descriptive information embedded in and surrounding images, videos or documents as well as the full set of web development tools that allow us to feed friendly descriptions to search engines and social media channels.

Our Digital Asset Optimization (DAO) service takes advantage of a search algorithm's core function: interpreting the "user intent" behind a given search and returning results accordingly. DAO is optimizing toward the various ways customers convey intent via search, Google responds by returning an Image Block or a Quick Answer Box or Reviewed Product Pages rather than simply Home Page URLs when properly optimized. It's inclusive of all of your digital assets which expands your search rankings across a wider range of points along the conversion funnel.