Chargify Consulting Services


Chargify Consulting

Dunn Solutions are certified Chargify partners. Chargify is an online service and platform that automates billing for recurring revenue businesses. Its recurring billing system is designed for companies such as: online software businesses, churches, schools, storage unit owners, shippers of recurring packages, and many others.  Chargify is a month-to-month service that doesn't require any long-term commitment.

Our Chargify solutions provides the tools you need for your business, including:

  • Support for trial periods
  • Automatic proration if your customers upgrade or downgrade during a billing cycle
  • Outreach to customers to resolve problems if their credit card payments fail
  • Hosted pages for your customers to sign up and manage their credit card information
  • Coupon codes so your customers could get a discount when they sign up
  • Metered billing (for instance, billing by the number of text messages sent or sales leads purchased during a defined billing period)
  • Tracking of "seats" over long periods of time, such as software licenses purchased or hotel rooms managed through your system

Your relationships with recurring billing customers last for years. Chargify keeps all subscriber activity, and your cash flow, running smoothly!

  • Recurring billing experts
  • Secure, audited and verified
  • Thousands of customers
  • Developer approved

As Chargify experts we are able to integrate this software into many disparate systems and create engaging, user-friendly UI/UX to ensure conversion rates as well as effective subscription management.