Liferay Commerce Consulting Services


Liferay Commerce Consulting

Unify Your Commerce on a Single Platform!

Stand out from the crowd with a B2B commerce platform that enables you to deliver value across the entire customer lifecycle. Go from selling products to solving problems for your customers, winning their business for the long run.

  • Effortless Purchasing: Capture customer loyalty with purchasing experiences designed for busy buyers.
  • Sales Empowerment: Eliminate channel conflict by bringing Sales into your digital commerce strategy.
  • Tailored for B2B: Handle B2B complexity at any scale with the most flexible open source platform around.

Dunn Solutions' B2B e-commerce experts will help you create a unified B2B customer experience that amplifies your brand with Liferay Commerce! If you are already using Liferay for its CMS and portal capabilities, Liferay Commerce is an easy transition to the next step if you're considering a B2B e-commerce platform.

Dunn Solutions' Liferay Commerce experts can:

  • Unify and manage all of your B2B digital touch points under one seamless customer experience
  • Customize and tailor every step of your B2B customer journey
  • Build and personalize everything from your marketing microsites to distributor portals
  • Tailor your catalogs so that each customer sees the right products at the right price for their organization 
  • Incorporate tiered and contract pricing for every product type, from subscription-based products to physical goods
  • Implement a complete digital transformation that includes e-commerce, machine learning and marketing automation all working together to optimize your customer engagement strategy and increase revenue

Dunn Solutions is a Liferay Commerce Business Specialized Professional Partner. Dunn Solutions has decades of B2B e-commerce experience and is an ideal fit to unify your B2B customer experience on Liferay Commerce.

Contact us today to learn more about Liferay Commerce and discuss your B2B e-commerce needs!

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All-In-One Platform for B2B Digital Commerce

B2B Buying Expectations Have Changed

As B2B buyers grow more accustomed to making purchases online, they increasingly expect the same experience that they get from online retailers. As a B2B seller, the best way to stand out from your competition and make sure customers stay with you for the long-term is to provide effortless buying experiences that make customers' jobs easier.

With Liferay Commerce, you can:

  • Create sites that match B2B processes, with tools for contract and tier pricing, organizational hierarchy, order workflows, account management and more
  • Easily manage complex catalogs with multi-site, multi-catalog and multilingual support 
  • Create and manage price lists, discounts and promotions for customer groups
  • Expand product pages with rich media, previews and product relationships

Create a Consistent Digital Commerce Experience

Liferay Commerce simplifies the process of bringing together product offerings, customer relationships and content for digital experiences that cover the entire customer lifecycle. With Liferay Commerce, you can offer your clients the experience you envision.

Here's how Liferay Commerce can help:

  • Take all your content from across your organization into one platform for seamless, comprehensive selling.
  • Bring Sales and Service Reps into the digital channel with tools to assist, nurture and grow every account.
  • Increase adoption and sales with intuitive B2B experiences that replace paper, calls and emails with easy online purchasing.

Liferay Commerce Consulting Services

Dunn Solutions' Liferay Commerce experts have decades of Liferay and B2B e-commerce experience which makes us uniquely qualified to help your B2B business bring all of its customer experience touch points together with Liferay DXP and Liferay Commerce.

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