Liferay Performance Testing and Tuning Services


Liferay Performance Testing and Tuning Services

Liferay DXP is a dynamic open source enterprise-class web portal platform but, as with most things, to operate at peak efficiency it does require performance testing and tuning to ensure that best practices are being maintained. Delivering a robust user experience is the primary function of any web portal. So it is important to ensure that your portal is always accessible and running smoothly with zero down-time. After all, consumers aren't likely to convert on a web portal with poor response times regardless of its features. Fortunately, Dunn Solutions' Liferay consultants are trained to maximize your Liferay deployment's efficacy with performance tuning along with recommendations and fixes.

During a performance testing and tuning engagement, our Liferay Digital Experience Platform experts will measure your deployment's key performance metrics, then optimize your portal's configurations depending on the measured metrics by making any appropriate changes.

We'll Test and Tune Liferay Features Including:

  • Operating system configuration
  • Application server configuration
  • Web server configuration
  • Load Testing and Tuning
  • Resource utilization
  • Database configuration
  • System architecture review
  • Liferay portal configuration
  • Default java argument configuration

Dunn Solutions is a Platinum Liferay Service Partner

Our Liferay performance consultants specialize in helping businesses like yours leverage the potential of Liferay DPX's all-in-one package of built in-features including: content publishing; document management; enterprise collaboration; and social networking capabilities. Our Liferay consulting team uses the platform to create and connect personalized digital experiences across web, mobile, and connected devices.