Liferay Theme Design and Development


Liferay Theme Design and Development

Websites only have seconds to grab a consumer's attention before they move on to the next website. Discordant user experiences along the way could bounce them off toward your competitors. Consumer expectations have changed because the technology available to you, and by extension to them, has changed. Whether your customers will be buying your products, contracting your services or engaging with your organization's ideas – they demand a digital experience in their interactions with your website.

Dunn Solutions Liferay UI/UX experts and Liferay theme designers are ready to create a portal experience which will break through the internet clutter and set you apart from competitors.

You need a Liferay theme designed to focus on usability—from its graphics and information architecture to its application design. Our teams develop Liferay themes designed to be user-friendly and compatible with all browsers and devices that consumers will use to connect with it, and are intuitive enough for you to manage and maintain.

Intuitive Usability and Compelling Theme Design

Dunn Solutions' Liferay developers design Liferay themes that represent your business or organization, themes that balance form and function, and that marries your identity to interactive design. We'll deliver an online platform that attracts an audience, enhances your online conversion capabilities with interactive tools and build it atop a back-end platform that's flexible enough to adapt to inevitable change.

We tailor our theme design work to your industry and your target audience. We take aesthetics seriously and focus on usability. We'll work with you to effectively communicate the essence of your organization's value proposition and speak to the consumers you need to reach.

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