SAP BusinessObjects Migration Consulting SAP BusinessObjects Migration Consulting

SAP BusinessObjects Migration Consulting

Why should I migrate to SAP BusinessObjects 4.2?

SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 offers game-changing improvements in a variety of areas including: scalability, robustness & capabilities. It offers breathtaking visualizations with Lumira, on-the-go access with SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, enterprise ready dashboards with Design Studio and improvements among all the other capabilities that you're accustomed to from previous versions.

What do I need to do to migrate to 4.2?

Makes sure you're up-to-date on your maintenance, and work with Dunn Solutions to plan and execute your migration to 4.2.

What happens if I don't migrate?

  • Newly discovered issues that impact your business will not be patched.
  • Your users will not be able to explore, analyze, visualize and share business intelligence with the most comprehensive and advanced BI platform available today.
  • You won't be able to scale to meet your business intelligence demands.

Let Dunn Solutions SAP BusinessObjects Migration Experts Help 

Migrating to SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 is a complex process and can be very time consuming, especially if you have been building up content for any period of time.  Given that SAP provides tools to assist with migrations you may be tempted to tackle it yourself. Don't!

Your time should be spent on supporting your organization's core business, not the mundane tasks of a "once in a few years" upgrade.  Migrations to the 4.2 platform are subject to road bumps; some small, some very large.  Given Dunn Solutions SAP BusinessObjects consulting expertise and a team that is ready to respond, we can tackle these challenges so you don't have to.

These challenges include:

  • Planning and executing a SAP BusinessObjects migration plan that minimizes impact on your business and users.
  • Ensuring the SAP BusinessObjects migrated content is functioning
  • Reworking SAP BusinessObjects deprecated content
  • Reworking the SAP BusinessObjects security model to take advantage of the "new" security approach.

Dunn Solutions should be your SAP BusinessObjects migration experts, and we can do your migration correctly, minimizing the impact on your business.

Your core business is not migrating BusinessObjects. There are many challenges and risks that need to be mitigated. Let Dunn Solutions SAP BusinessObjects migration experts execute these tasks. If you would like more information on migrating your SAP BusinessObjects platform, please contact us today!