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Dunn Solutions Group is a certified SAP Commerce Cloud Partner & SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation Expert. As a Gartner rated leading Digital Commerce Technology platform, SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Commerce) regularly ranks among the top e-commerce solutions available. Our SAP Commerce Cloud design and strategy team help both B2B & B2C get their e-commerce strategy off the ground and develop end-to-end, fully integrated platforms.

SAP Commerce Cloud has focused on building omnichannel technology that suits every type of e-commerce business to transform the way companies interact and engage with customers digitally. Our SAP Commerce Cloud expert consultants develop and deliver these features for companies so they may focus on their business goals.

Our custom built SAP e-commerce solutions offer companies incredible agility and scalability to meet today's consumer's demands - as well as adapt and grow with those demands to create differentiation and competitive advantage.

SAP Commerce Cloud's single stack architecture is designed to be deployed quickly and easily while still allowing for maximum flexibility and customization. With B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organizations in mind, our SAP Commerce Cloud consulting services supply leading edge technology out-of-the-box with business specific capability, and can be implemented both on premise and in the cloud to better accommodate organization needs.

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B2C E-commerce Platform to Transform Interaction with Customers

The SAP Commerce Cloud B2C platform regularly ranks among the top e-commerce solutions available. Our B2C E-commerce Consultants leverage many of the out-of-the-box features including:

  • Omni-Channel Retail
  • Master Data Management
  • Cross-sell/Upsell Functionality
  • Marketing Conversion Tracking
  • Robust Site-Search capability 

Our SAP Commerce Cloud B2C Solutions are designed for the omnichannel market space, to enable end-to-end customer touchpoint management with a single commerce platform – whether it's online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media or print. Our e-commerce experts empower companies to offer customers personalized online shopping experiences, designed to boost loyalty and sales, leveraging SAP Commerce Cloud.

Delivering Complex B2B E-commerce Platforms with a B2C-like Experience

Dunn Solutions Group is a full-service technology consulting firm. So we know the e-commerce demands of consumers grow daily in the B2C world, as do the expectations of service and capability in the B2B e-commerce world. Our SAP Commerce Cloud B2B E-commerce Solutions delivers a highly customizable B2B platform that allows companies to automate even the most complex B2B processes. Dunn Solutions has experience developing and delivering flexible and scalable B2B e-commerce solutions with SAP Commerce Cloud that include:

  • Multi-Tenant
  • Multi-store
  • Tier-pricing
  • Custom-Contract Management
  • Customer Self-Service Management
  • Punch-Out Support

Leveraging SAP's Commerce Cloud B2B E-commerce Platform, our E-commerce Consultants are able to deliver a B2C e-commerce level of ease and agility in digital commerce.

Delivering Seamless e-Commerce CMS Integrations and Solutions

Our E-commerce experts leverage SAP Commerce Cloud's Gartner ranked Content Management Systems for Product Content and Catalog Management. These SAP Commerce Cloud E-commerce Solutions allows marketers to add, edit, and change content quickly and easily – across all channels – without the help of IT. Our teams deliver a fully integrated platform that consolidates all product content into an easy-to-use interface that delivers engaging and rich product content no matter where customers are in their journey. Whether a company has multiple suppliers or multiple storefronts, our CMS solutions integrate and consolidate systems seamlessly so marketers can focus on creating effective and impactful campaigns – and customers can easily find what they are searching for.

Creating an Audience of 1 with Marketing Automation

Our SAP Commerce Cloud Marketing Solutions are designed to create a holistic approach to marketing efforts, combining all channels and siloed tools (such as sales data, social & IoT data, industry and market data) into one highly effective platform. This approach allows marketers to collect all consumer data into one platform and fully enrich customer profiles to better customize target and segment customers.

Combining such factors as real-time customer behavior and enriched customer profiles create intelligent opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and proactively interact with and nurture customers. This advanced marketing automation solution delivers deep customer insights so companies can interact with customers in a unique and individualized way throughout their entire customer journey. Created for both small and large enterprises this platform is able to be deployed on premise, as well as in both private and public clouds.

Driving Increased Profit with Advanced Analytics

Employing the advanced data capture and enrichment technology built into the SAP Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud Platforms, our analytics experts are able to create sophisticated predictive models leveraging incoming and historical data to deliver:

  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Automated Product Recommendation
  • Enhanced customer retention through Churn Reduction Solutions
  • New Product Forecasting.

Your e-Commerce Strategy and Implementation Partner

Dunn Solutions Group is an SAP strategy and implementation partner. We work with organizations like yours to design and deploy successful e-commerce applications through the life of your digital channel. Once your fully customized commerce store has been delivered, our developers will ensure its success with dedicated Commerce Cloud Managed Services as well as both cloud and on premise hosting. Our Commerce Cloud Certified experts have experience delivering both B2B and B2C platforms.

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