SAP Marketing Cloud

With our expert SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Marketing) consulting and services, businesses are able to adopt omnichannel, real-time, and highly personalized marketing experiences for their users.

As a leader in the Gartner MultiChannel Campaign Management Software space - SAP Marketing Cloud has far more advanced capability than most of the other top marketing automation platforms on the market today. With features that allow companies to leverage our advanced predictive models, we deliver solutions with SAP Marketing Cloud that give companies deeper insights into their audiences, understand their full customer journey, and turn insight into automated action.

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Real-time, Predictive, & Advanced Segmentation

Our SAP Marketing Cloud expert consultants deliver solutions that automate complex marketing and promotional campaigns as well as recommendations based on real-time user behavior allowing companies to never miss a beat in their customer journey marketing.

But what do you do if users have not been very active lately, OR ever?! With the advanced segmentation and customer profiling solutions, leveraging predictive analytics models, our experts help organizations build out and continuously enrich customer profile data in order to develop users from anonymous users to high-value customers and brand advocates.

Creating an Audience of 1 with Marketing Automation

Our SAP Marketing Cloud Solutions are designed to create a holistic approach to marketing efforts, combining all channels and siloed tools (such as sales data, social & IoT data, industry and market data) into one highly effective platform. This approach allows marketers to collect all consumer data into one platform and fully enrich customer profiles to better customize target and segment customers. Combining such factors as real-time customer behavior and enriched customer profiles create intelligent opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and proactively interact with and nurture customers. This advanced marketing automation solution delivers deep customer insights so companies can interact with customers in a unique and individualized way throughout their entire customer journey. Created for both small and large enterprises this platform is able to be deployed on-premise, as well as in both private and public clouds.

Omni-Channel Solutions for Seamless Customer Journeys

Our experts develop SAP Marketing Cloud solutions that incorporate every channel of retail – whether using in-store RFID or wanting to do Sentiment Engagement via social channels, our solutions are for every touchpoint you may have with your customers or potential customers. Not only are we able to incorporate every channel of marketing you employ, we integrate these channels into one view of your individual's unique customer journey so no opportunities or insights are missed, as well as giving you a full view of campaign ROI on every channel.

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