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(7296) Data Visualization with Tableau (eLearning)
Code: 7296 v11
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $245
Length: 30 Days

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Location Date Guaranteed to Run
eLearning, US 02/02/2021
eLearning, US 02/03/2021
eLearning, US 02/05/2021
eLearning, US 02/07/2021
eLearning, US 02/08/2021
eLearning, US 02/08/2021
eLearning, US 02/10/2021
eLearning, US 02/14/2021
eLearning, US 02/17/2021
eLearning, US 02/19/2021
eLearning, US 02/20/2021
eLearning, US 02/21/2021
eLearning, US 02/23/2021
eLearning, US 02/26/2021
eLearning, US 02/28/2021
eLearning, US 03/03/2021
eLearning, US 03/11/2021
eLearning, US 03/12/2021
eLearning, US 03/13/2021
eLearning, US 03/15/2021
eLearning, US 03/21/2021
eLearning, US 03/24/2021
eLearning, US 04/06/2021
eLearning, US 04/13/2021
eLearning, US 04/17/2021
eLearning, US 04/23/2021
eLearning, US 04/27/2021

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Skills Gained:
Tableau Visualization Tableau Charts, Maps, and Dashboards
Who Should Attend?
Data analysts who wish to become more familiar with the Tableau platform.
  • None
What You Will Learn:
  • Tableau Visualization
  • Recall the different sections of the data window
  • Describe how shelves and cards are used
  • Use the show me tab
  • Define dimensions and measures as they relate to Tableau
  • Choose different mark types
  • Use different color options
  • Change the size of marks
  • Change the shape of marks
  • Use text tables
  • Display multiple measures
  • Customize the tooltips
  • Use the formatting options on the header, marks and axes
  • Create a shared axis chart
  • Create a dual axis chart
  • Work with a multi-measure marks card
  • Connect to various data sources
  • Customize the view of the data
  • Extract data
  • Blend data
  • Filter data in the viewer
  • Use parameters in the viewer
  • Use worksheet actions
  • Create and customize a chart
  • Tableau Charts, Maps, and Dashboards
  • Enhance bar charts
  • Create Unstacked area charts
  • Make pie charts
  • Create crosstabs
  • Use scatter plots
  • Work with bubble charts
  • Create bullet graphs
  • Make box plots
  • Create tree maps
  • Use word clouds
  • Use geocoded fields
  • Work with background maps and layers
  • Customize mapping and mark types
  • Use custom background images
  • Create calculated fields
  • Use table calculations
  • Use reference lines
  • Work with trend lines
  • Create simple dashboards
  • Recall some of the advanced dashboard elements
  • Use dashboard actions
  • Export worksheets and dashboards
  • Use Tableau Reader
  • Publish to the web
  • Create a map and dashboard
Course Info:
Course is based on software release: Tableau

Course Notes and announcements:
Tableau is data visualization software that can transform data into visually appealing dashboards. This learning path is designed for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the Tableau platform and its different features.

Follow-On Courses:

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This course is designed for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the Tableau platform and its different features.