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(AC612E) Profit Center Accounting in New General Ledger Accounting (eLearning)

Code: AC612E v15
Tuition (USD): $375
Length: 182Days

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Location: Date Guaranteed to Run:
eLearning, US 01/20/2022
eLearning, US 01/21/2022
eLearning, US 01/23/2022
eLearning, US 01/26/2022
eLearning, US 01/27/2022
eLearning, US 02/01/2022
eLearning, US 02/02/2022
eLearning, US 02/05/2022
eLearning, US 02/08/2022
eLearning, US 02/09/2022
eLearning, US 02/10/2022
eLearning, US 02/13/2022
eLearning, US 02/14/2022
eLearning, US 02/17/2022
eLearning, US 02/18/2022
eLearning, US 02/22/2022
eLearning, US 02/24/2022
eLearning, US 02/28/2022
eLearning, US 03/03/2022
eLearning, US 03/04/2022
eLearning, US 03/06/2022
eLearning, US 03/11/2022
eLearning, US 03/12/2022
eLearning, US 03/15/2022
eLearning, US 03/19/2022
eLearning, US 03/25/2022
eLearning, US 04/07/2022
eLearning, US 04/16/2022

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Skills Gained:
Set up Profit Center Accounting in an SAP ERP Financials system where the new General Ledger Accounting has been activated Describe and maintain global Profit Center Accounting settings and master data Understand the transaction data that is generated on Profit Centers as a result of actual postings in other components of the SAP ERP application Understand the transaction data that is generated on Profit Centers as a result of plan postings in new g/l accounting Understand how to perform Profit Center reorganization Gain an overview of the standard delivered drilldown reports to analyze Profit Center Accounting data
Who Should Attend?
Application Consultant Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User Help Desk/CoE Support Program/Project Manager
  • Essential: Basic knowledge or experience with Profit Center Accounting, AC010 (Business Processes in Financial Accounting) or AC040 (Business Processes in Management Accounting)
  • Recommended: Knowledge of Financial Accounting and Controlling
What You Will Learn:
  • Profitability Management
  • Outlining Profitability and Sales Accounting Options
  • Outlining Global Settings for New General Ledger Accounting
  • Profit Center Master Data
  • Creating Profit Center Master Data
  • Assigning Profit Centers to Account Assignment Objects
  • Profit Center Accounting (PCA) Actual Postings
  • Explaining Profit Center Updates
  • Integrating Profit Centers and Asset Accounting
  • Integrating Profit Centers and Materials Management (MM)
  • Integrating Cost Object Controlling (COC) and PCA
  • Integrating Sales and Distribution (SD) and PCA
  • Processing Allocations in PCA
  • Profit Center Reorganization
  • Reorganizing Profit Centers
  • Executing Reorganization Plans
  • Profit Center Planning
  • Preparing Planning Configuration
  • Outlining Planning Integration
  • Drilldown Reports
  • Executing Drilldown Reports Delivered in the Standard System
Course Info:
Courses based on software release: SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7
Course length: 480 minutes E-Learning (Single 6 month subscription or Learning Hub Customer Edition 12 month subscription access)

Course notes and announcements:

1) This course is free with a Learning Hub Customer Edition 12 month subscription

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