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(6998) Power BI Fundamentals for End Users-2016

Code: 6998 v0821
Tuition (USD): $790
Length: 2Days

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Location: Date Guaranteed to Run:
Live Virtual, US 12/08/2022
Live Virtual, US 01/05/2023
Live Virtual, US 02/02/2023
Live Virtual, US 03/02/2023
Live Virtual, US 03/09/2023

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Skills Gained:
What is Power BI Using Power BI Desktop Connecting to data sources Creating Visualizations Data Modeling Using Query Editor Matrixes, Tables, and Charts
Who Should Attend?
Anyone who needs a solid understanding of the skills required to use Power BI.
  • Participants should have a strong knowledge of Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 and have and understanding of data analysis.
What You Will Learn:
  • Getting Started
  • An Introduction to Power BI
  • What is Power BI?
  • The Building Blocks of Power BI
  • The Power BI Desktop Interface
  • Important Information About Power BI Updates
  • The Power BI Web App
  • Working with Power BI Desktop Files
  • Opening Files
  • Saving Files
  • Creating a New File
  • Publishing to the Power BI Web App
  • Connecting to Data Sources with Power BI Desktop
  • Connecting to an Excel Workbook
  • Connecting to an Access Database
  • Viewing All Connection Options
  • Creating a Manual Dataset
  • Managing Data Sources
  • Creating a Report with Visualizations
  • Using the Visualizations Pane
  • Using the Fields Pane
  • Creating a Visualization
  • Interacting with Visualizations
  • Changing the Visualization Type
  • Moving and Resizing Visualizations
  • Doing More with Visualizations
  • Formatting Visualizations
  • Viewing Visualization Data
  • Using Focus Mode and Spotlight
  • Removing a Visualization
  • Working with Data
  • Transforming and Sanitizing Data
  • Using Data View
  • Cleaning Irregularly Formatted Data
  • Managing Columns
  • Sorting Table Data
  • Using the Query Editor
  • Opening the Query Editor
  • The Query Editor Interface
  • Using the Query Settings Pane
  • Using Merge Queries
  • Using Append Queries
  • Data Modeling
  • What is DAX?
  • Creating a New Table
  • Creating a New Calculated Column
  • Creating a New Measure
  • Managing Relationships
  • Using the Relationships View
  • Creating Relationships
  • Editing Relationships
  • Deleting Relationships
  • Using the Manage Relationships Dialog
  • Working with Reports and Visualizations
  • Managing Report Pages
  • Navigating Through Pages
  • Showing and Hiding Pages
  • Adding Pages
  • Deleting Pages
  • Renaming Pages
  • Changing Page Order
  • Changing Report View Options
  • Setting Page View Options
  • Customizing Your View
  • Using Phone vs. Desktop Layout
  • Working with Visualizations
  • Understanding Drill through Options
  • Changing Category and Summarization Options
  • Arranging Visualizations
  • Editing Interactions
  • About Custom Visualizations
  • Adding Static Objects to a Report 190
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Text Boxes
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Working with Static Objects
  • A Closer Look at Visualizations
  • Matrixes, Tables, and Charts
  • Creating a Table
  • Creating a Matrix
  • Overview of Chart Types
  • Creating Charts
  • Maps
  • Creating a Treemap
  • Creating a Bubble Map
  • Creating a Filled Map
  • Cards, Gauges, and KPIs
  • Creating a Card
  • Creating a Gauge
  • Creating a KPI
  • Slicers
  • Creating a Slicer
  • Using Slicers
  • Customizing Slicer Display
  • Changing Slicer Mode
  • Changing Slicer Orientation
  • Introduction to the Power BI Web App
  • Getting Started
  • Opening the Power BI Web App
  • The Web App Interface
  • Web App Building Blocks
  • Key Differences
  • Connecting to Data Sources with the Power BI Web App
  • Connecting to Local Data
  • Connecting to Live Data
  • Connecting to Content Packs
  • Connecting to Samples
  • Using Workspaces, Dashboards, and Reports
  • Viewing and Managing Power BI Content
  • Viewing a Workspace
  • Viewing Dashboards and Reports
  • Managing Reports
  • Creating Custom Dashboards
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Pinning Visualizations to a Dashboard
  • Adding Custom Tiles
  • Managing Dashboards
  • Power BI Web App Features
  • Using Insights
Course Info:
This course is designed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the capabilities of Power BI. Students will discover how to quickly gather, cleanse and transform data with just a few clicks. They will also learn that to enhance results by integrating disparate data sources and add simple calculations using DAX functions and queries. Participants will create visualizations and incorporate them into dashboards that can provide up to the minute reporting. At the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of the skills required to use Power BI.

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Learn to leverage the power of Power BI. Discover how you can quickly gather, cleanse and transform your data with just a few clicks.