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(C4H620) SAP Customer Data Cloud Implementation Training (formerly HY800)

Code: C4H620 v3
Tuition (USD): $2601
Length: 3Days

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Skills Gained:
This course will prepare you to: Understand the underlying technical concepts in SAP Customer Data Cloud Perform configurations using the "Administration Console" Integrate SAP Customer Data Cloud in your web and mobile applications Leverage Identity Exchange tools Use the best practices to implement SAP Customer Data Cloud effectively in projects
Who Should Attend?
Software developers (Frontend and Backend) Technical consultants Functional consultants Solution architects
  • Essential
  • Watch:SAP Customer Data Cloud Features and Configurations Video Series
  • Recommended
  • Previous JavaScript, Web Development and REST Experience
  • Watch:SAP Customer Data Cloud Technical Video Series
What You Will Learn:
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud Overview
  • Console Overview
  • API keys, partner Id and secret
  • Console administration
  • Managing admins and users
  • Managing applications
  • Permission groups
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Data Schema
  • Identity store
  • Accounts structure
  • Schema JSON
  • Schema editor
  • Accounts API calls
  • Data store
  • DS REST API calls
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Customer Identity
  • Lite registration
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Full registration
  • Full registration API calls
  • UI Builder and Screen-sets
  • RaaS policies
  • Customer Data Cloud Web SDK
  • Social login
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Making API calls
  • Core API flows
  • Change schem ausing APIs
  • Registr users using REST API
  • Store and read DS data using the REST API
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Customer Consent
  • Compliance framework, DSR, DSAR
  • GDPR
  • Consent statements
  • Add consent to the screen-sets
  • Consent version control
  • Consent vault
  • Preference center implementation
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Extensibility
  • Overview
  • Configure a webhook
  • Webhook notification url
  • Webhook Endpoint logic
  • Extensions
  • JavaScript Parameters
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Identity Exchange
  • Overview
  • GConnectors
  • IdentitySync
  • Dataflows and components
  • Configure IdentitySync
  • Identity scheduling
  • Error handling
  • Hands-on exercise
  • Federation
  • Overview
  • Introduction to SAML
  • Introduction to OIDC
  • OIDC deeper dive
  • Setup Customer Data Cloud as OIDC OP/RP
  • Introduction to JWT
  • Validate Customer Data Cloud tokens through JWT
  • Hands on exercise
  • Mobile Apps Integration
  • Mobile SDK
  • Plugin view
  • Native Screen-Sets
  • Mobile SDK installation and configuration
  • Android SDK native approach
  • Configure Facebook native login with Android SDK
  • Integrate your site with Android SDK
  • Use Customer Data Cloud plugins in the Android SDK
  • iOS SDK native approach
  • Configue native Facebook native login with iOS SDK
  • Integrate your site with iOS SDK
  • Mobile session managemet
  • B2B CIAM
  • Implementing partners, site groups and orgganizations
  • Organization Access Management
  • End user self service and deligated administration
  • Policy based access control
  • Best Practices
  • UX bext practices
  • Mobile apps best practices
  • Security best practices
  • Signature and token validation best practices
  • Cookie best practices
  • OAuth 2 flows best practices
  • User imports
  • Key resources
  • Optional - Hands-on exercise
Course Info:
Course based on software release:
SAP Customer Data Cloud

Course notes and announcements:

This course illustrates the main functionalities and concepts of SAP Customer Data Cloud. It is designed to provide an in-depth understanding about the implementation of the key business scenarios of the SAP Customer Data Cloud solution. Multiple hands-on exercises are used to facilitate the configuration options in SAP Customer Data Cloud and development using Customer Data Cloud SDKs. Hands-on activity includes customizing Data Schema, implementing Customer Identity using screen- sets and web SDK, implementing Customer Consent, working with Customer Data Cloud API tool and implementing single sign on.

We recommend that you use your own machine for the best training experience. Please note the technical equipment requirements for training delegates on this course are a Text Editor and webserver.

If you do not wish to install anything on your machine, we also offer you WTS to complete all the hands-on exercises.

This is a SAP CERTIFIED Course. Your course will include Full Class Delivery of the comprehensive standard SAP curriculum agendas, SAP Certified Instructor, Demonstration and Presentation, Student Hands on exercises, Access to SAP Hosted servers/training environment, and SAP Certified participant guides.

This 3 day instructor led course qualifies for 24 CPE Credits. CPE Credits are currently available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered live at SAP locations and our Authorized Education Partner locations. CPE Credits are not available for virtual live classroom sessions.

With virtual live classroom training you get comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity. The same content delivered in SAP's traditional "brick and mortar" classrooms is presented during virtual live classroom deliveries. As in SAP's traditional classrooms, SAP virtual live classroom stresses hands-on learning providing each registered student with exclusive access to live SAP systems throughout each course. Each Virtual Live class is taught by a SAP Certified Instructor and will include an e-book student guide for you to download and keep. CPE Credits are currently available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered live at SAP locations and our Authorized Education Partner locations. CPE Credits are not available for virtual live classroom sessions.

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