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Code: 2551 v0721
Tuition (USD): $2595
Length: 2Days

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Location: Date Guaranteed to Run:
Live Virtual, US 02/02/2023
Live Virtual, US 03/13/2023
Live Virtual, US 04/17/2023
Live Virtual, US 05/22/2023
Live Virtual, US 06/15/2023

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Skills Gained:
Identify Communication Differences Between Technical and Nontechnical Professionals Differentiate Personal Style Preferences in Order to Communicate Better with Others Strategically Apply a Communication System to Build Trust and Credibility and to Enhance Relationships Apply Verbal and Nonverbal Techniques to Build Rapport Develop Communication Skills That Promote Better Work Relationships Apply Strategies to Manage Conflict Productively
Who Should Attend?
All technical and IT professionals who need to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to effectively convey their knowledge to those around them.
  • To achieve success, technical professionals must have strong and flexible interpersonal and communication skills in addition to their technical abilities.
What You Will Learn:
  • The Communication Challenge
  • Distinguish Communication Needs and Expectations of Technical and Nontechnical Professionals
  • Define Generational Differences and Their Impact on Communication
  • Assess the Communication Needs and Expectations in Your Own Job
  • Personal Styles—Your Own and Others’
  • Differentiate Communication Style Preferences in Order to Better Understand Others
  • Identify Your Own Style Preferences and Their Strengths and Limitations
  • Use Behavioral Clues to Determine Others’ Personal Styles and to Work More Effectively with Other Styles
  • A System for Communication
  • Distinguish Between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Identify Criteria for Establishing Trust and Building Credibility
  • Implement a Communication Model for Conducting More Effective Conversations
  • “I Listen”—Understanding the Message
  • Identify the Role of Active Listening in Effective Communication
  • Demonstrate the Critical Skills of Active Listening—Acknowledging Emotions, Encouraging, and Acknowledging Ideas
  • Apply Effective Listening Techniques to Your Own Work Situations
  • Asking Questions
  • Identify and Construct Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Questions
  • Demonstrate Effective Use of Questioning
  • Apply the Techniques to Your Own Work Situations
  • “I Talk”—Sending the Right Message
  • Demonstrate Effective Use of Informing and Directing
  • Identify Appropriate Use of Skills to Influence
  • Apply Techniques to Your Own Work Situation
  • Managing Conflict
  • Determine Your Own Conflict Style Using a Self-Assessment
  • Identify When and How to Deliver Criticism Appropriately and Effectively
Course Info:
AMA American Management Association Course

Whether you’re an IT professional, engineer, scientist, or researcher, communicating with others—both technical and nontechnical professionals—is an essential part of the job. This seminar will give you the interpersonal and communication tools you need to ensure mutual clarity and understanding when dealing with others, so you can maximize all your business interactions and achieve your critical goals.

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