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(C4H370) Spartacus ILT Developer Training

Code: C4H370 v22
Tuition (USD): $2601
Length: 3Days

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Location: Date Guaranteed to Run:
Live Virtual, US 03/01/2023
Live Virtual, US 04/26/2023
Live Virtual, US 07/12/2023

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Skills Gained:
This course will prepare you to: understand the fundamental technical aspects of Spartacus framework understand how to develop and code through Spartacus can provide configuration into SAP Commerce Cloud platform in the backend know how to build and deploy their solution to the Cloud know where to get additional information, best practices and documentation
Who Should Attend?
Developer Development Consultant Technology Consultant
  • Essential
  • * Attendees should have deep knowledge of JavaScript, front-end technology and development in general (Ideally, you're familiar with Angular, or another large JS framework such as React or Vue.js).
What You Will Learn:
  • Overview
  • Setup & Libraries
  • Outlets
  • Custom CMS Components
  • Global Configuration
  • Routing
  • Styling
  • Layout Config
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Dependency Injection & Built-in Services
  • SEO
  • Data Binding
  • Notes:
  • If you want to use your own machine, please consider following system requirements:
  • CPU: Minimum Dual Core (recommended Quad Core)
  • RAM: Minimum 8 GB (recommended 16 GB)
  • Hard Disk: 7200 rpm IDE (recommended SSD)
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB (recommended 20 GB)
  • node.js: version 14.x or 16.x
  • Yarn: 1.15 or later
  • Angular CLI: v. 12.0.5 or later, but not later than version 13
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code is recommended for Spartacus
  • General requirements for all on-site trainings:
  • Required for all SAP Customer Experience on-site trainings, regardless of the course content!
  • Projector with VGA connection required. DVI / HDMI connections are optional.
  • Internet connection is required for trainer and attendees
  • A list of names of attendees
  • Information on participants' technical background and experience with SAP Commerce
  • Usually requested as part of the training setup process.
  • Name badges for attendees are required.
  • Please recommend hotels near the training location to us.
  • A visa for the trainer may be required, depending on country. If visa is required, please assist in obtaining.
  • Disclaimers:
  • Only SAP CX customers and partners will have access to the SAP download center whereby they can install SAP CX software. All others have to use WTS.
  • If you are an SAP CX customer or partner, we recommend that you use your own machine for the best training experience. Please note the technical equipment requirements for training delegates on this course via this link.
  • If you are not an official SAP CX partner or customer, you cannot access the SAP CX Help documentation. This does not affect the duration of the course. Accessing the Help Documentation is not a mandatory part of this course and therefore do not affect the educational value of the training.
  • If you are not an official SAP CX partner or customer, you cannot access the SAP CX Wiki.
Course Info:
Course based on software release:
Spartacus 4.3
SAP Commerce Cloud

Course notes and announcements:
Spartacus is a lean, Angular based Javascript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. Spartacus talks to SAP Commerce Cloud exclusively through the Commerce REST API.

The course presents the main concepts of Spartacus and helps the participants to understand how to extend and customize the SAP Commerce Cloud storefront through it. The target audience for this course are Developers, Developer Consultants and Technology Consultants.

Participants will see the software demonstrated and will learn to install, configure, and customize it to a certain degree. After each topic, participants will test their knowledge via hands-on exercises.

This course does not solve project specific problems, but it shows how to tackle most common tasks.

This is a SAP CERTIFIED Course. Your course will include Full Class Delivery of the comprehensive standard SAP curriculum agendas, SAP Certified Instructor, Demonstration and Presentation, Student Hands on exercises, Access to SAP Hosted servers/training environment, and SAP Certified participant guides.

With virtual live classroom training you get comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity. The same content delivered in SAP's traditional "brick and mortar" classrooms is presented during virtual live classroom deliveries. As in SAP's traditional classrooms, SAP virtual live classroom stresses hands-on learning providing each registered student with exclusive access to live SAP systems throughout each course. Each Virtual Live class is taught by a SAP Certified Instructor and will include an e-book student guide for you to download and keep. CPE Credits are currently available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered live at SAP locations and our Authorized Education Partner locations. CPE Credits are not available for virtual live classroom sessions.

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