United VARs CX Customer Roundtable

CX Customer Experience in the SME Market

Customer experience also known as CX has become a trending topic.  We asked CX experts to explain what CX is and to share their views on mapping and optimizing customer journeys and what CX trends they're noticing in the mid-market. 

We asked some of the key members of the United VARs CX (Customer Experience) CoE to tell us about CX for SMEs (Small and mid-size enterprises): what it is, how it can benefit both the customer and the organization, their advice for organizations who want to start optimizing their CX journeys, and what CX trends they’re noticing in the mid-market.

The roundtable features Javier Alonso García, Marketing & Commerce Senior Advisor at Seidor in Spain; Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions in the USA and Lukas Kerschbaum, Managing Director at B4B Solutions in Austria. 

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