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Get More Out of your CMS with a Digital Experience Platform Webinar with Dunn Solutions and Liferay

As customers move to a digital experience to research and purchase products and services, the right CMS is more important than ever. Companies are finding themselves looking for ways to streamline, automate and enhance the customer experience.

If you are in the market for a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) watch the recording of our webinar from September 14, 2023 to discover the transformative potential of Liferay's Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Learn how Liferay’s CMS/DXP capabilities can solve business problems like:

  • Creating dynamic, personalized experiences for internal and external customers based on customer segments.
  • Establish style guides and page templates with the ease of drag and drop components.
  • Integrated document management.
  • ROI compared to Adobe AEM and other “pure” CMS competitors.
  • How Liferay integrates the added value of a customer portal and comprehensive B2B and B2C e-commerce features.


Deliver Customized Processes and Information Across Your Business Ecosystem

One platform where your –

  • Vendors - can see your processes, forms, and status updates
  • Customers - can interact through forums, social networks, and share images and document libraries
  • Employees - can contribute ideas, read HR manuals, and collaborate on projects

Portal technology provides a common platform for your business ecosystem- your customers, vendors and employees- to engage with your organization. It allows you to create individualized communities and share content relative to their role, geography, location, etc., and easily build workflows to streamline processes and eliminate paper trails. Portal technology features cutting edge business tools that include social networking, virtual communities and a central entry point for all business systems and resources.

View this presentation to learn more about the exciting features of Liferay, the industry's top rated open source portal technology.

Patient Engagement Portal Demonstration

Our portal drives and builds patient engagement by providing a seamless, branded, and customized experience for patients on both traditional desktop and mobile devices. Leveraging the power of the Patient Engagement Platform can help hospitals meet measures relating to the Meaningful Use stages, optimize relationships with clients, and improve patient outcomes as well as offer convenient avenues for provider-patient communications.

Portal features can include:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) to multiple EMR and Lab Systems
  • eVisit / remote telemedicine integration with online payment
  • Core Interaction Features
  • View test results from multiple lab systems in a single view
  • Schedule appointments through a unified calendar
  • View and track health-related information including Medical Issues, Allergies and Current Medications
  • Download and Complete Medical Forms
  • Check Insurance Benefits and Coverage
  • View Bills and Make Payments
  • Preventive Care Portal
  • Provide targeted information to patients based on patient-specific conditions
  • Patient Education with Targeted Content
  • Drug Side-Effect Tracking portal

Contact Dunn Solutions today to see how we can help your healthcare organization reach its goals for patient health and engagement by emailing us at

Predictive Analytics for E-Commerce Success

At the North America Holiday E-Commerce Summit, Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions discussed how machine learning and predictive analytics can increase your profits and how data from your web site, ERP and CRM can be used to create personalized customer analytics which will supercharge your marketing efforts.

The topics of his presentation included:

  • Customer Retention
  • Price Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Trigger Based Marketing
  • Personalized Shopping Experiences

Rx for Healthcare Budgeting: Gain Control and Efficiency with SAP BusinessObjects Edge Planning

Does your healthcare organization live with a budgeting process that utilizes Excel spreadsheets and takes months to complete? Download this recorded webinar to review the challenges of using Excel for complex budgeting, and to learn how SAP BusinessObjects Edge Planning can increase your budgeting efficiency, improve collaboration and give you greater control over the process. Plus, you will get a close-up look at Edge Planning – and see its exceptional power, flexibility and usability.

Unique Needs, Unique Solution: BusinessObjects Edge Planning Enables Smart Retail Budgeting

Every business believes it is unique, and that it has special budgeting and planning needs. But let's be honest: Budgeting is budgeting. And with a few tweaks, standard tools can manage the process no matter what a company does. Except for retail. Retail organizations really do have unique budgeting and planning requirements. And SAP BusinessObjects Edge Planning and Consolidation accommodates those special needs. Download this webinar to get the roadmap you need to customize, streamline, automate and better manage your budgeting process.

Intelligent Budgeting: Gain Control and Efficiency With SAP BusinessObjects Edge Planning

Many financial organizations either learn to live with a budgeting process that takes three, four, five or even six months to complete. Or they utilize a simplistic model in Excel. Neither is good. Download this presentation to see how this affordable tool lets you streamline, automate and better manage the budgeting process – and gives you control of the software underneath.

Customer Loyalty: Knowing Key Drivers, Using Smart Tools

Intelligent marketers know that it's expensive to acquire new customers - and that it's smart to keep the customers you already have. The critical question: What makes your customers loyal? Learn how to get the answer when you view "Customer Loyalty: Knowing Key Drivers, Using Smart Tools." This one-hour webinar provides a close look at how to measure customer dynamics - and how to use advanced analytical tools to turn that data into actionable information.

Demand Forecasting: Looking Ahead Intelligently, Working Smarter Today

In the long run, the success of any organization depends on how well management is able to predict the future and develop strategies to take advantage of, or manage to, those scenarios. And one of the most important components to predict is demand. This new, one-hour webinar takes a close look at how to analyze patterns in your past data, how to use that insight to build better demand forecasts, and how to use those forecasts to make smarter decisions, plus a demo of SPSS PASW Modeler.

Marketing Mix Modeling: Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to execute high performing, high ROI, marketing plans. While total sales volume and response rates do provide some measure of ROI for past campaigns, how can marketers know how those channels will perform in the future? Marketing Mix Modeling uses Predicative Analytics to study the impact various factors such as pricing, the economy, the season and brand awareness have on a Marketing Plan. This analysis, combined with "what if" analysis and incremental gains data are used to determine the most optimal mix for a marketing budget. Marketing Mix Modeling can guide marketers through adjusting their marketing plan to incorporate proven effective strategies, and demonstrate how changing the allocation in one area will impact the others.

Budgeting & Planning: Gain Efficiency & Control over Human Capital Management

The staffing line item on the P&L is one of the largest line items yet managers often have very little access to that data. HR usually supplies a number and any changes are vetted through a lengthy back and forth process, giving managers little ability to understand the overall impact Human Capital changes have on the bottom line.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) gives companies the ability to fully automate, and retain control, of the budgeting process including the Human Capital area of the P&L. HR determines and controls the benefits and fringe calculations while managers are granted continued access to complete and detailed total cost information at the individual employee level, allowing for strategic and accurate budgeting.

Download this webinar to learn how to improve the speed and efficiency of your budgeting process, while delivering the information P&L managers need to make informed Human Capital decisions.

Market Basket Analysis: Understand Your Customer's Buying Habits and Increase Your Average Sale

Market Basket Analysis examines transactional sales data to discover the relationship between products and services that are purchased together, allowing companies to better understand their customers' buying habits. By better understanding these purchasing patterns, companies can then promote their most profitable products and services and encourage additional purchases by introducing targeted items that may have otherwise been overlooked.

During this forty minute webinar learn the process for analyzing transactional data to uncover purchasing patterns and how to turn these patterns into cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Discover Open Source Portals from Liferay

Learn how portal technology transforms company websites from static repositories of information into dynamic command centers. See how portals utilize today's cutting edge business tools including social networking, virtual communities and a central entry point for all company systems and resources. Liferay is the leading provider of enterprise open-source portal and collaboration software.

Measure Customer Loyalty for Improved Retention Strategies

How is your organization using its customer feedback program to measure loyalty? What we're learning as this area of marketing evolves is that loyalty is best achieved by transforming customer feedback into retention strategies that focus on loyalty drivers: the products, services and experiences that keep your customers devoted buyers.

View this presentation to learn more about the Customer Loyalty Measurement process and how your company can turn its customer feedback into successful customer strategies that engender loyalty.

Explored in this one-hour presentation:

  • Designing effective VOC (Voice of Customer) surveys
  • Using Predictive Analytics to identify loyalty drivers
  • Applying sales, marketing and retention strategies for increased loyalty

A Hands-On Look at Mobile BI with SAP BusinessObjects: Part 1

The ability to run smarter "anywhere" is about making informed decisions with instant access to targeted, personalized information wherever you are - in the board room, at a customer site, or on the shop floor. Mobility allows you to leverage key metrics and company data from anywhere - through the one device you always have with you.

View our presentation for a "hands on" look at SAP BusinessObjects mobility including:

  • A tour of the BI application for the iPad
  • Our own secret tips for mobility on the Android
  • SAP's plan for the future of Mobility Analytics

Maximizing the Value Locked in Your Marketing Data

Are you having a difficult time combining and leveraging data from your multiple marketing systems- CRM, Point-of-Sale, marketing automation tool, etc.- to make critical decisions? Are you using spreadsheets to draw conclusions from your data? Are you able to easily share marketing reports with stakeholders across the organization?

Having the right data can be the differentiator between you and your biggest industry rivals. To be increasingly strategic and have an edge over the competition, you need the right tools to decipher useful meaning from your data so that you can make informed decisions. This means having the capability to consolidate, cleanse, analyze, distribute, and take action on data from all your marketing systems.

View this presentation to learn about SAP's integrated suite which consolidates all your marketing data onto one platform and delivers it in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, allowing for informed business decisions based on fact, rather than gut feel.

On-the-Fly Data Integration: New SAP BOBJ 4.0 Tool Delivers Easy Multiple Data Source Reporting

The universe has become more powerful with the Information Design Tool (IDT), the new semantic layer environment in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. The tool reduces the amount of work needed for reporting across systems, effectively minimizing the need for ETL. View our presentation to learn the advantages this new tool presents, including how business users can now more easily build reports that draw data from multiple sources.

Our one-hour presentation explores some of the important features of the Information Design Tool including:

  • Multi-Source Universes: A new feature that will let designers create a data foundation (metadata) based upon multiple relational data sources
  • Query Panel: A new feature to build and test the queries that the end users can use to create reports
  • Member Selector: A new feature to select members of OLAP universe hierarchies

What's New in the SAP BOBJ 4.0 End User Experience: Web Intelligence and More!

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 features some exciting enhancements to the end user experience. View a demonstration of 4.0's end user features including the BI Launch Pad and Web Intelligence, the ad hoc reporting tool. 4.0's significant improvements require only a minimal learning curve and earn two thumbs up from our team.

This one-hour presentation will take you on a tour of the enhanced end user capabilities of the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 platform including:

  • BI Launchpad (formerly InfoView)
  • The self service BI portal features an improved user interface and simplified customization
  • Web Intelligence (WebI)
  • Enhancements including a common ribbon menu, new chart types, tab options, data sources and formatting
  • Exciting improvements for sharing elements

Current SAP BusinessObjects users and those considering the platform will benefit from this detailed presentation.

Dashboards in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

Dashboards have proven critical to effective strategic and performance management. And, the better the visualization tools, the better the insight. Join us for a demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects 4.0's visualization features including Dashboard Design (formerly Xcelsius) and BI Workspace (formerly Dashboard Builder). Our Team gives 4.0's more powerful dashboards, new visualizations and improved design interface two thumbs up. View the presentation to learn why!

This one-hour presentation features a tour of SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 extensive dashboard capabilities including:

  • Stand alone dashboards
  • BI Workspace
  • Mashups

Current SAP BusinessObjects users and those considering the platform will benefit from this detailed presentation.

Best Practices for Developing and Deploying Mobile Apps in an Enterprise Environment

Mobile applications have successfully evolved from the gaming and consumer market into business tools helping organizations improve their processes and gain an edge on the competition. Mobile applications for business organizations are inherently more complex and present unique challenges.

This one-hour presentation features best practices for developing and deploying mobile applications in an enterprise environment. We'll discuss mobile application design and take a look at how today's leading organizations are creatively using mobile apps to exchange powerful real-time information with their teams, anytime, anywhere.

We'll explore some of the complexities of deploying in enterprise environments including:

  • Security
  • Integration to back end systems
  • Middleware
  • Deploying to multiple platforms

We'll also discuss designing native apps vs. HTML5 and we'll take a look at Sybase Unwired Platform, an affordable technology for cross platform development.