WebSphere Portal Migration

Transitioning away from WebSphere

By mid-2025, HCL will cease active development and investment in DX v8.5 and v9.0. These versions will no longer receive updates or enhancements. Organizations using DX primarily rely on it to continue serving content their implementations have handled for several years.

We are advising companies who are currently using WebSphere to begin preparing for a transition away from this platform. This transition is essential to ensure that your systems remain secure, efficient, and compatible with the latest innovations.

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Transitioning from WebSphere takes careful planning, assessment of alternative solutions, and meticulous execution.

Dunn Solutions can:

  • Facilitate the process of converting your WebSphere licenses
  • Evaluate what upgrade aligns with our organization's needs
  • Ensure a smooth transition without disrupting existing portals and digital properties

We are reaching out to users of WebSphere to make sure your organization understands that it is essential to begin evaluating alternative platforms and mapping out a transition plan that aligns with your organization's specific needs and objectives.
Our team is here to assist you in this process, and we are available to address any questions or concerns you may have for a successful transition away from WebSphere.

Complete the transition NOW so you are ready in 2025

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