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Building Customer and Campaign Specific Microsites Using a Single Platform


Laura Jones
10 Months Ago

Just what is a microsite? A smaller, simpler website that is built to focus on a specific subject, product or campaign, microsites eliminate the clutter and distractions that come with a full website. Some companies use them to highlight a specific campaign or target specific buyer personas. Others have used them to tell a short story, or to inspire a specific call-to-action. A microsite can launch a product, promotion or campaign in ways that full websites can’t. Let’s explore some of the ways you could use a single platform to easily build multiple microsites for you and your client’s needs.


Create Quick to Market Microsites with Site Templates

Site Templates allow you to quickly create multiple microsites with the same set of pages and content. They can contain pages, layouts, functionality, content and settings. After the duplicate sites have been created, they can be modified to highlight a specific campaign or client. Using site templates saves time and money, allowing for the creation of any number of quick-to-market microsites.


Stay on-brand with Consistent Look and Feel

Do you have the need to spin up microsites with the same pages and functionality, but with client- or campaign-specific branding? Using color schemes you can maintain the overall site design, while at the same time “skinning” each microsite with its own colors, graphics and branding. This approach allows for easy maintenance of the general styling while still allowing for numerous design variations.


Utilize Multi-Tenancy Capability for Economical Scalability

Perhaps you need to build distinct, isolated microsites for multiple clients. Using a multi-tenant (shared infrastructure) approach can be economical because software development and maintenance costs are also shared. Multi-tenancy is an architecture by which a single application serves multiple customers, or tenants. It allows for a better utilization of resources while still meeting your technical requirements to keep each client’s environment and data separated.


These are just some of the impressive features you could be using today to create effective, flexible and focused microsites. With site templates, color scheme design variations and multi-tenancy architecture you too can quickly build cost-effective campaign- or client-specific microsites.

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